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Front Outrigger
Part# 003944
Assembly, Outfeed Table
Part# 016652
Loading Side Outrigger
Part# 056781
Operator Side Outrigger
Part# 056787
Rear Outrigger
Part# 056791
Outrigger Adjustment Wrench
Part# 056831
Cover, Sawmill Carriage Cutting Head
Part# CC
Cover Kit,G18/G24/G25 & Console
Part# CEC
Lathe Attachment, Sawmill
DVD, Lathe
Lathe Assy, 4' ext
Deck Pkg, Manual Log
Part# LDP
Lube-Mizer System, Retrofit Option
Part# LMS-A
Sharpen your own Blades with Wood-Mizer's ShopSeries CBN Grinder.
This sharpener provides consistent tooth geometry, a superior cutting edge, and restores gullet integrity. That means higher cut quality, accuracy, less horsepower to drive the cut, and extended flex life.

Seat, Operator, 97+, LT30-LT70
Part# OS
Attachment, Sawmill Resaw
Part# RS2
Shingle Lapsider
Part# SLR
SimpleSet, Field Installed
Part# SSW-R
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