EG200EC15Very good condition and barely used.Other Equipment2014 330.90SALE$9,900.00
LT28G18Nice mill with low hours.Manual Sawmills2013Log Deck Package 150PA$10,500.00


EE15Nice well kept edger.Other Equipment2002  AT CUSTOMER IN MN$6,300.00
EG200EC15Barely used. Business closed.Other Equipment2012  At customer in GA$9,700.00
EG28This Edger is at the TX ASCOther Equipment2005  At the TX ASC in Kirbyville$7,000.00
JE-2/25 Valley Edger 25HPOther Equipment1998  at customer in Ontario$6,785.00
LATHE A nice lathe attachment with an extension.Other Equipment2003  At customer in GA$1,500.00
LT15GOThis is a good portable LT15GO mill with low hours. LT15TRG-A LT15G18Manual Sawmills2012LT15PF At customers in NY$9,350.00
LT300Price includes Incline Conveyor, Transfer Deck and Log Deck.Other Equipment2003  At customer in TX$35,100.00
LT40D33  Manual Sawmills2002MKII Debarker  At customer in VA$14,200.00
LT40G28 Manual Sawmills2009  at customer in Ontario$17,595.00
LT40G28 Mill in average condition and is located at the TX asc.Manual Sawmills2006  AT TX ASC$12,500.00
LT40HDD51 Mill with low hours kept in good condition.Hydraulic Sawmills2004Accuset LubeMizer System Autoclutch (Solid State)  At customer in IN$26,200.00
LT40HDD51-H One of a kind nice mill with low hours.Hydraulic Sawmills2007MKII Debarker  At the PA ASC$28,000.00
LT40HDE25Completely re-built like new mill.Hydraulic Sawmills2000Debarker, Accuset2, Lube-Mizer and Laser Sight At WI ASC$27,500.00
LT40HDG28-RA  Hydraulic Sawmills2006  At customer in West Virginia$21,800.00
LT70HDD62-RX THIS MILL IS AT THE TX ASC LOCATION.Hydraulic Sawmills2005Remote Operator's station with Accuset 2, debarker, Lube-Mizer TX ASC, KIRBYVILLE$33,000.00
LT70HDD62-WRWireless remote 70 diesel used for cutting up to 44' beams and timbers.Hydraulic Sawmills2008Wireless Remote, debarker, Accuset 2, auto clutch AT CO ASC$39,900.00
Operator Seat Other Equipment2001  At customer's in Michigan$650.00