LT70HDD55-RDStationary mill can be made portable by the customer or upon request. Call for details.Hydraulic Sawmills2010Moveable DCS control station and debarker536.1SALE$45,900.00


ED26Barely used edger with CAT diesel engine.Other Equipment2006arbor, 3rd blade, return roller kit, infeed tables customer location, California$13,000.00
EG200EC15Barely used. Business closed.Other Equipment2012  At customer in GA$9,700.00
LT15E10S ELECTRIC MILL WITH 2 BED SECTIONS and a lathe attachmentManual Sawmills2015  At customer in MO$10,200.00
LT15G15LT15G15 barely used. Come with track to cut a 17'8" long logManual Sawmills2007Bed Extension Wood-Mizer California$6,200.00
LT15G19Great condition.Manual Sawmills2015total of 3 bed sections for 17' 8" cut At Customer in Indiana$6,900.00
LT40HDD51-RA  Hydraulic Sawmills2007Autoclutch , Accuset, MKII Debarker, Remote LubeMizer  At customer in MI$26,500.00
LT40HDG24 Hydraulic Sawmills1992Auto Clutch SALMON,BC$17,400.00
LT50HDD51  Hydraulic Sawmills2007MKII Debarker, LubeMizer System, Autoclutch (Solid State)  At cust in NC$31,200.00
LT70HDD42THIS MILL IS LOCATED in Lindsay,CANADA BRANCH.Hydraulic Sawmills2002  ON, LINDSAY$28,500.00
LT70HDD55-RD  Hydraulic Sawmills2012Accuset 2 Remote LubeMizer Autoclutch (Solid State)  At customer in PA$36,900.00
LT70HDD55-RD New engine, 800hrs on it.Hydraulic Sawmills2012LMS, debarker At cust in AK$35,500.00
LT70HDE25-RXH  Hydraulic Sawmills2006Accuset 2  AT CUSTOMER IN KY$34,500.00
Operator Seat Other Equipment2001  At customer's in Michigan$650.00
RS and Blade sharpening attachThis is a RS, resaw attachment and blade sharpening equipment.Other Equipment2013n/a At customer in NC$1,700.00