LT70HDD55-RHThis is a Super 70 with hydraulic head and bed functions. Extremely fast mill with high production capability.Hydraulic Sawmills2014Super 70 with debarker and moveable remote operator's station140.0OR$54,900.00
LT70HDEB25-RD Hydraulic Sawmills2014debarker and full DCS moveable control station685.00SALE$46,800.00


EG200EC15Barely used. Business closed.Other Equipment2012  At customer in GA$9,700.00
LATHE A nice lathe attachment with an extension.Other Equipment2003  At customer in GA$1,500.00
LT15G25WLT15 Wide Sawmill only 6 months old with Power Feed option and extra clamp.Manual Sawmills2015Power Feed Option Penn Valley CA - Customer location$9,250.00
LT40D33  Manual Sawmills2002MKII Debarker  At customer in VA$14,200.00
LT40G25  Manual Sawmills1999Log Deck Package  At customer in Ohio$8,900.00
LT40HDD40  Hydraulic Sawmills1998debarker At customer in TN$17,800.00
LT40HDG28 Hydraulic Sawmills2005debarker and Lube-Mizer Wood-Mizer New York$20,500.00
LT40HDG28  Hydraulic Sawmills2005MKII Debarker LubeMizer System  New York Branch$20,500.00
LT50HDD35Good condition high production mill.Hydraulic Sawmills2013Accuset2 and Auto Clutch Alder Flats Alberta Canada$40,000.00
LT70HDD55-RD  Hydraulic Sawmills2014Accuset 2, Remote LubeMizer, Autoclutch (Solid State)  AT CUSTOMER IN KY$49,000.00
LT70HDEC30-RD  Hydraulic Sawmills2014laser light,debarker,board out feed table, log deck kit(hook up for log deck) At customer in MO$44,900.00
Operator Seat Other Equipment2001  At customer's in Michigan$650.00