LT40G18Mill is at the PA ASC Woodmizer location. Average condition and was ran and tested on 6/5/2014Manual Sawmills1991LDP441.3PA$11,000.00
LT40HDD42Original Lombardini diesel was replaced with a Kubota D42 in 2001. Mill looks rough but has been serviced thoroughly. Engine is strong.Hydraulic Sawmills1999Debarker, Setworks3142MS$18,000.00


EG50G10New single blade edgerOther Equipment2012  At customer in IN$3,000.00
LT15TRG-ALT15 Trailer Other Equipment2010  At customer in OH$2,300.00
LT28G18comes with 36 blades (including an almost full box of new blades)Manual Sawmills2009Deck Pkg, Manual Log  Kleinburg, ON$12,500.00
LT30D33Mill has hyd loading arms. Owner has added electric winch for turning. Has manual turner and toeboards.Manual Sawmills2004Debarker, Hydraulic Loading Arms, Log Deck Package Sheridan CA Wood-Mizer$14,500.00
LT40G24The Mill is in good shape and comes with lots of Extras. Single Blade Edger, Resaw, Sharpener & Setter, Extension, etc.Manual Sawmills1994  Sweet Home, Oregon$12,000.00
LT40G24 Manual Sawmills1991  Canada$9,800.00
LT40HDD51Mill is in excellent condition and has low hours. Was recently serviced by Wood-MizerHydraulic Sawmills2008Debarker, Lube-Mizer, Auto Clutch and Accuset 2 Oregon Branch$35,000.00
LT40HDD51  Hydraulic Sawmills2006Accuset 2, MKII Debarker  At CO ASC$25,000.00
LT40HDD51 This mill is in good condition.Hydraulic Sawmills2007Accuset 2, MKII Debarker, Autoclutch (Solid State),LubeMizer System,  At customer in MN$32,500.00
LT40HDG24 average mill with a few new items added.Hydraulic Sawmills1996  At customer in OH$13,100.00
LT40HDG25Mill is in good shape, it has been serviced by a Wood-Mizer Tech twice in the last two years.Hydraulic Sawmills2003Debarker, Setworks Kingston, Idaho$13,600.00
LT40HDG25 Average mill with low hours.Hydraulic Sawmills1991LubeMizer System, MKII Debarker  At customer in NC$18,100.00
LT40HDG28Good condition. Replaced battery. Works and runs great.Hydraulic Sawmills2005debarker and Accuset 1 At Cust in SC$22,900.00