About Wood-Mizer

From the outside, Wood-Mizer may appear to be just another company. We have large buildings, more than 600 employees worldwide, and several production and maintenance facilities to meet the ever-growing demands of our customers. While the inner-workings of Wood-Mizer do indeed mimic those of other major corporations, the family approach seen within Wood-Mizer's walls is what really sets us apart from other companies. The difference is always apparent in our line of quality sawmills and accessories.

We would like to invite you to explore some of our distinguishing characteristics, from the customer care that has made us famous, to the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques, to the exclusive features that make Wood-Mizer employees so proud to work here.

Once you've navigated through the links above, we're confident you'll see that Wood-Mizer is much more than just a company that makes sawmills-we also try hard to help you make your dreams come true.  http://www.woodmizer.com or for Canada http://www.woodmizer.ca

The first is still the best. Wood-Mizer invented the thin-kerf portable band sawmill back in 1982, and we do our very best to stay #1. Customer feedback tells us what you need and want, and that's our work order for the day.

More than 40,000 mill operators in many countries own Wood-Mizer sawmills. Some are seasoned pros who cut lumber for a living; others are hobbyists who are also serious about producing high quality work.

To meet the diverse needs of our customers, Wood-Mizer builds two categories of sawmills: manual and hydraulic.

Manual sawmills are great tools for wood enthusiasts who cut lumber for enjoyment or for occasional special projects.

Hydraulic mills are ideal for custom-cutting and for successful wood cutting operations.

Wood-Mizer stands apart for many reasons; one key element is our patented monorail construction and cutting system. It's reliable and safe: two features Wood-Mizer owners have come to trust!

For unmatched selection of thin-kerf portable band sawmills and unchallenged quality, it's Wood-Mizer.

Wood-Mizer works.
  1. We are not far away - 14 locations in the U.S., 6 in Canada and growing!
  1. Best after-sale support - provides training, performs on-site service, offers blade resharpening service, open 5 days per week and Saturdays by appointment only
  1. Full day of training included with sawmill purchase - LT10 and LT15 supplied with a training video
  1. Highest resale value of any used sawmill in the industry
  1. Over 90% of all your blade and part orders are filled and shipped the same day
  1. Chosen more often than any other manufacturer with more than 40,000 sawmills sold
  1. Most comprehensive safety, operation, and parts manuals of any manufacturer
  1. Committed to continual refinement of sawmill designs and features with over 40,000 man-hours of testing per year
  1. Revolutionized the sawmill industry with our unique monorail design patented in 1985
  1. Transferable warranties and free sign-up for Demonstrator and Custom Cutter programs