Get to Know Wood-Mizer Industrial Products

Wood-Mizer Products produces a newsletter for Industrial customers named the AWMVoice which is published quarterly. In it, customers can find stories of other successful businesses, helpful product information, and a variety of topics geared toward the industrial crowd. If you have a story idea or a suggestion for an upcoming issue, please e-mail Jake Mooney at

July 2011 Volume 7
WM1000 – New mill for MASSIVE logs!

March 2011 Volume 6
TECH TALK: 3 Great Maintenance Tools

November 2010 Volume 5
Big Business is Big on Family

July 2010 Volume 4
The NEW Small Log Processing Line

March 2010 Volume 3
21 Locations - Ready to Serve

November 2009 Volume 2
Jennings County Pallets

September 2009 Volume 1
Get to know AWMV
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