Wood-Mizer Magazines

When you purchase a Wood-Mizer, your connection with our company is just beginning. It has become our mission to keep an open channel of communication with you, our customer, and to try to enrich your sawing experience in any way we can.

One way we accomplish this is with our two customer-oriented magazines, The Wood-Mizer Way and the AWMVoice. In these publications you will find helpful sawing advice, business tips, stories about sawyers just like you, and current industry news.

If you have a story idea or suggestion for an upcoming issue of either magazine, please contact Editor Deanna Bunten by e-mail at DBunten@woodmizer.com.

The Wood-Mizer Way - The exclusive magazine for Wood-Mizer portable sawmill owners. Sent out twice a year. 

"I recently received the [latest] edition of 'The Wood-Mizer Way'. I was so moved by the articles that I felt compelled to contact you. Your commitment to the quality of your product, concern for your employees and service to God is truly inspirational. To read about the lives your company has blessed is heart-warming, encouraging and has caused me to contemplate ways in which I can be a better steward of the gifts that God has given me. Your company represents everything that is right in America." John S, Billings, MT

AWMVoice - A magazine geared toward high-production industrial sawmill owners
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