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5 Factors Vital to a Sawmill Business

1) Reputation
Without exception, the key element to long-term success for every mill owner has been a reputation for performing a quality service for the customer.

2) Quality
Quality extends to a clearly defined pricing structure so that the customer knows what he will be paying and what he will be receiving for his money. It also includes meeting schedule commitments.

3) Professional Attitude
The professional way in which the business is transacted is also vitally important to maintaining a proper image and developing customer confidence. Every customer will be looking for something different when they contract for a mill to cut lumber. Some are interested in volume, others in accuracy, while others are more concerned about getting the widest boards or some unique cuts that only a band mill can yield. Knowing what the customer wants and the best way to price the job allows you to make a reasonable profit and have a satisfied customer at the end of the day.

Deciding what will make a customer satisfied before going into the job will determine how you approach each cutting situation. As a sawyer, you want to cut the lumber as quickly as possible to get the highest return. From the customer’s point of view, you are expected to spend a considerable amount of time on each board to get exactly what he wants. Neither party is satisfied if both angles are not discussed before actual cutting begins.

4) “Word-of-Mouth” Advertising
If an owner experiences problems on a particular day, it is better to lose a little money on that particular job. This attitude will demonstrate concern in giving every customer value for his money.There is nothing that will generate more business over a long period of time than “word-of-mouth” advertising from satisfied customers.

5) Flexibility
Some of the greatest opportunities to make money with a Wood-Mizer Sawmill center around the flexibility of the cutting system. In addition to cutting flexibilities, there is the element of personal flexibility. The flexibility of how you operate your business and the flexibility of the mill are equally important to capitalize on money making opportunities. Too many times mill owners feel the only way they can get enough business is to compete on a volumeprice only basis. The flexibility of the Wood-Mizer and how you operate it are what can keep you out of that situation.
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