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Building a Sawmill Business

At Wood-Mizer, one of the the most common questions we hear is... "How do I get started in the sawing business?"

This section of the website is designed to give you good basic information that has come from our in-house business managers and also our successful owners/sawyers. While it does not contain everything there is to know about running a sawmill business, the information presented should assist you in getting started on the road to success!

Building a Sawmill Business

Wood-Mizer Resources

How Can I Make Money with My Wood-Mizer?
Various ways to use your sawmill to turn logs into cash

How much do I charge?
By the hour? By the board foot? Both methods discussed here

Maximize value from your lumber
An expert explains how to add even more value to what you sell 

Marketing your Business
Get the word out!

5 Factors Vital to a Successful Sawmill Business
Smart business practices

Liability and Contracts
Protect your investment and business
Watch as Gary McInturf share his thoughts and experiences on operating his sawmill business
See More Business Spotlight Videos

External Resources

US State Foresters & Forestry Education

Links to forum discussions about operating a sawmill business:

Browse through these discussions from real sawmill business owners as they share advice from their years in the business.

Sawmill Business Practices - Part 1

Sawmill Business Practices - Part 2

Sawmill Business Practices - Part 3

First Year Sawing Business Report

Advice for retiree wanting to start a business

Hidden Costs of a Sawmill Business

Looking for Start-up Advice
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