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  The Edge on Sawing DVD Set

Are you a sawmill operator looking to increase your knowledge, productivity, profitability, or skills? Wood-Mizer’s six DVD set includes a variety of topics from industry experts that will arm you with the information you need to succeed.

From these seminars, you will learn how to maximize your blades, how log size affects production, sawing methods and techniques, and how to set up your layout efficiently and charge for your services. Concepts are brought to life through helpful animations and illustrations.

Topics covered:
Disc 1: Wood-Mizer Blades
Disc 2: Log Size & how it affects Production
Disc 3: Quarter Sawing Lumber Techniques
Disc 4: Sawing Techinques
Disc 5: Getting every Dollar out of the Tree
Disc 6: Sawing Site Layout/Pricing Options

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Watch sample clips from the DVD set in this video.
Woods to Workshop, by Dr. Gene Wengert
This free booklet is packed with information to equip both
the hobbyist and the professional with basic, practical
information on how to saw and dry lumber efficiently and
with the maximum retained value. The whole process from
choosing logs to drying is covered in detail.

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    Wood-Mizer & You: A Profitable Combination
This booklet is designed to give you good basic information
from Wood-Mizer's years of supporting successful sawing
businesses about marketing, operating, and running a sawmill
business. Questions such as how to charge, how to add more
value to your products, how to market your business, and
more are answered in this booklet.

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Simply send an email to 
Include the booklet you are requesting and your mailing information.
    Wood-Mizer Way Magazine back issues
Read hundreds of articles about sawing
and sawyers from our magazine back issues.

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National Hardwood Lumber Association

State Foresters

The Forestry Forum - A forum for thousands of sawyers and foresters.
Woodweb - Woodworking industry information and forum

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