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Sawing reclaimed lumber, urban timber, & storm damaged trees saves logs from the landfill
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'Waste' wood put to use by sawmill owners
Every year, millions of trees lay rotting on the ground or in a landfill because people don't know how they can turn it into lumber and save the tree from being wasted. However, with Wood-Mizer personal, portable sawmills, trees can be sawn into valuable lumber for use in projects or profit. The thin, affordable blades used makes it possible to saw reclaimed timbers, urban timber, and storm damaged trees in an environmentally sustainable way. 

Below are recommended introductory sawmill models that are commonly used to harvest logs into lumber. For higher production capabilities, check out the hydraulic sawmills. Call 800.553.0182 to talk with a sawmill consultant and discuss your situation and goals.
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People saving money and cutting lumber with Wood-Mizer sawmills.
Paul H, Idaho
“We had a major windstorm that took down some sizable trees and I wanted to use them in our upcoming house. I decided I wanted to produce all my own interior wood, cabinetry, and everything else.”

See Paul's award-winning home!
  Terry B.
"This is one of the finest pieces of equipment I have ever used, and every farm that has fifty acres or more of trees should own a Wood-Mizer."