Save Money by Sawing Lumber for your Farm

Maintain your farm by turning your own logs into usable lumber.
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Private Forest Management in Action
Saw your own lumber and save money on wood for your barns, sheds, and fences! You can put your own trees to good use by harvesting some for lumber. Portable, one man Wood-Mizer sawmills are easy to operate, and pay for themselves quickly by saving you money.

Below are recommended saw mills that are commonly used by farmers. For higher production capabilities, check out the hydraulic sawmills. Call 800.553.0182 to talk with an experienced sawmill consultant and discuss your situation and goals.
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Tried, True, Trusted - 60,000 owners
Successful farmers who couldn't live without their sawmills.
David Weyler
“The Wood-Mizer purchase was hands down the best investment we made in our farm. It has returned the original investment over 6 times in 6 years... We have rebuilt several barns, 2 houses, a garage, fences, and recently the wine pavilion. It has enabled us to improve the value of our assets as well as create a profitable business off our land.”

See David's award-winning pavilion!
  Terry B.
"This is one of the finest pieces of equipment I have ever used, and every farm that has fifty acres or more of trees should own a Wood-Mizer."
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