Harvest Storm Damaged Trees with a Sawmill

Using or hiring a portable sawmill will help you make the best use of downed timber!
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Tornado damage and recovery information
Selling Storm Damaged Timber
Video - Alternative Disaster Response
If you are wondering what to do with trees that have been blown down and otherwise damaged in a tornado or hurricane, you have several options for turning those trees into valuable lumber! You can call Wood-Mizer to find custom saw mill owners in your area that can help you salvage your trees. Call 800.525.8100 and ask about finding a local sawyer in your area. 

Another option is to purchase a portable sawmill yourself to cut your logs into lumber. Sawmill owners find that their investment pays for itself quickly with all the valuable lumber they are able to produce for their own needs or sell locally. Below are some recommended mills for harvesting storm damaged timber.
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People saving money and cutting lumber with Wood-Mizer sawmills.
Paul H, Idaho
“We had a major windstorm that took down some sizable trees and I wanted to use them in our upcoming house. I decided I wanted to produce all my own interior wood, cabinetry, and everything else.”

See Paul's finished home!
  Tanner O.
"Everyone's always been very surprised with what you can do with a [Wood-Mizer] and how smooth the cut is and how handy it is. People that have never been around one are amazed it will actually cut lumber like it does."
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