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Save & build more on your next house, barn, or deck by using a portable sawmill.
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Saw your own wood for your home, log cabin, barn, or deck with a personal Wood-Mizer sawmill. Cutting lumber for yourself saves you on lumber costs, and allows you to select your favorites species, grain patterns, and custom board sizes your project calls for.

Portable, one-man saw mills are safe and easy to operate, and greatly enhance the enjoyment of building things with wood. Below are recommended personal saw mills that are commonly purchased for use in home building. 

At any time, call 800.553.0182 to talk with a Wood-Mizer sawmill consultant about your situation and goals. Our experts will help you find the perfect sawmill for your needs.
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Successful woodworkers who love their sawmills
Paul Simms
"Our goal was to use all the lumber possible from our own property. I loved the flexibility of the mill. We were able to saw everything from the house logs, post & beams, flooring, T & G ceiling, doors, cabinets, trim work and even all of the cedar pickets with our Wood-Mizer."

See Paul's award-winning log home
  Andrew R.
"This is the tenth log home I have completed. I went to the woods and cut down the trees that were needed. I sawed the lumber on my Wood-Mizer saw. I really enjoyed completing this project!"
See 100+ projects built with Wood-Mizer lumber!
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