Review your Wood-Mizer!

Thank you for taking the time to review your Wood-Mizer product! Just select the product you wish to review, and then click on the reviews tab, and leave a review by clicking "Add a Comment". 

In your comment, you may want to share why you choose the Wood-Mizer brand, what you purchased your mill for, and if there's been anytime that you were impressed with how we helped you through an issue. If you currently are experiencing an issue, feel free to call our Customer Service department at 800.525.8100.

Manual Sawmills


Hydraulic Sawmills 


Other Equipment

 LT10 Sawmill    LT35 Hydraulic Sawmill    Resaws
 LT15 Sawmill    LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill    Edgers
 LT15GO Sawmill    LT40 Super Hydraulic Sawmill    MP100 Molder
 LT28 Sawmill    LT50 Hydraulic Sawmill    
 LT35 Manual Sawmill    LT70 Hydraulic Sawmill    
 LT40 Manual Sawmill        
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