Working with Logs Keeps Herb Young

Twenty six years ago at age 65, Herb Keough bought a used Wood-Mizer LT40 from Herb Evans, who was age 92 at the time. The Wood-Mizer had been "used hard and put away wet"...the muffler had rusted away and the unit was dirty. The new owner, who is a lifelong mechanic - in the Army motor pool in World War II, operated an auto mechanic shop, and retired as Director of Vehicle Safety for Western New York- brought the LT40 back to its former glory. Of course, Herb had to teach himself how to be a sawyer.

Herb took the unit to the Wood-Mizer Service Center in Hannibal, NY (about 100 miles away), where the experts re-calibrated the saw and trained Herb how to use it. Since then, Herb has cut thousands of board feet of hemlock, cherry, maple, birch and beech from his own woodlot in Western New York. He owns 40 acres of hardwood, and works with logs from 6" to 36".

While he cut the lumber to build two barns of his own, he has mostly used the Wood-Mizer to create lumber for his neighbors and family; he almost never sells any. Herb finds enjoyment in working with the logs and his friends pitch in to help him. At age 91, Herb says, "Working with the logs and being active outdoors keeps me young."

He cut the lumber for six barns and for a lot of hardwood flooring for friends and family. He cut all the hemlock lumber, including the laminated poles which he assembled himself for a barn for his daughter, Janet, and her husband in Duluth, Minnesota. Just before he turned 90, Herb and daughter Marge hauled a trailer of hemlock lumber from Western New York, through Chicago, to Duluth. Some of the lumber was 18 feet long!

Herb says he has gotten excellent service from Wood-Mizer. New and re-sharpened blades and various other parts usually arrive at his rural home within 24 hours. He tried a local sharpening service, but it just did not measure up, so now Herb sends his blades to Hannibal, Wood-Mizer's "Re-Sharp", and they come back like new.

At 92, Herb Keough and his Wood-Mizer LT40 are going strong! Thanks to Wood-Mizer for making a great product and for excellent service!

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