Russell Tuckel Builds this Timber-Framed Dream

Building a timber-framed structure was something Russell Tuckel had always wanted to do. Although the building site was in the National Forest of New Mexico, the process began in Russell’s home state of Kansas. He personally logged the hardwoods, including walnut, oak, and hackberry, and then milled them into bents and columns using his Wood-Mizer LT40 Super Hydraulic.

The wood was then transported by semi to New Mexico, where the construction continued. “The ease of moving the Wood-Mizer 700 miles was important,” says Russell. The Douglas fir and Ponderosa pine for the frame and columns of the barn came from New Mexico. Since the building site was in an area that is not easily accessed, having a mill onsite was a huge timesaver for Russell. He estimates that his mill saved him around $50,000 in lumber, but points out that the quality and logistics that the mill allows were invaluable.

Two friends of Russell’s assisted with the erection and roof of the barn, and his wife Penny helped in numerous ways. He says that others are amazed that the barn was built almost single-handedly. “After I demonstrate the Wood-Mizer to them,” he says, “they become amazed at how easy and safe the process really is.”
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