Historical Woods of America: Salvaging history

Sawyer William Jewell turns historically priceless trees into timeless art. 

Historical Woods of America is located in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia, and has reclaimed trees and timbers from several landmark sites, including George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, James Monroe's Ash Lawn-Highland, James Madison’s Montpelier, Patrick Henry’s Red Hill Estate, Kenmore, Ferry Farm, and a few civil war related sites. Check out our facebook photo album of William Jewell’s extensive work here.

The wood from these trees is used to make specialty products that commemorate and honor their historical heritage in the National Treasures Art Exhibit. More on that below!

Recovering an ash tree from Mt. Vernon

LT40 owner William Jewell and his wife run this unique and special business together. They harvest/salvage historically valuable trees and logs for their clients, and then turn them into furniture, artwork, fine writing instruments, and other high class products. Mr. Jewell is currently working with a leading firearm manufacturer to supply them with pistol grips for collectible pistols.  Fox 5 has filmed interviews with Mr. Jewell about his unique business, and can be viewed here.

Historical Woods of America helps to keep the important history of America alive for current and future generations.  Through our innovative services and products, we strive to ensure our nation's rich cultural history is preserved.

William Jewell sawing historic lumber on his LT40

We have created a business and brand like no other, and will continue to lead the way in the field of reclaiming America's most historic "Witness Trees", and timbers from historic sites. William Jewell

National Treasures: History in the Making

William Jewell has partnered with Jacques Vesery on a very exciting project to bring together many of the world's most talented and respected wood artists for an exhibit of wood art from the historical wood Mr. Jewell salvages. Mr. Jewell's goal is to have a total of 50 artists represented in the collection, and is currently working with new artists who are contributing to the impressive collection. 

One of the pieces on exhibit by artist Po Shun Leong.

The trees and timbers used in the creation of this body of work are reclaimed, or rescued, for various reasons such as storm damage, safety concerns, disease, or simply very old trees that have come to the end of their natural life.  William Jewell

The National Treasures exhibit can be seen at the American Association of Woodturners annual symposium in St. Paul, Minnesota. June 24th- 26th, 2011 and at the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus Ohio, starting July 10th, and will end August 21st. 

Details about Jewell's company, their projects, mission, and current events can all be found on their website at www.historicalwoods.com.  Support this effort by visiting the HWA website and checking out the catalog for the National Treasures exhibit. The National Treasures catalog can be viewed here.

Information for this article was taken from the HWA website and interviews with Mr. Jewell.

Mr. Jewell with split Pecan tree from Mt. Vernon

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