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Let some of Wood-Mizer's 60,000 customers share their opinions and experiences with you.

About Wood-Mizer

I am proud to say that I have picked up several customers primarily based on the fact that I own a Wood-Mizer sawmill and the reputation that comes along with Wood-Mizer name.
- Jeff K
I talked to three Wood-Mizer owners before we bought one. They said you won't find a better company to deal with and I agree! 
- Mike S
Although I only purchased the small mill, I was treated as though I was the most important customer there. The quality, value, support, and attitude of your organization is unmatched.
- Tom C

Quality of Product

My Wood-Mizer is so user friendly and easy to operate I cannot believe how far ahead Wood-Mizer is of other companies.
- Jim G
Thanks to the Wood-Mizer, we have acquired a reputation for milling the best lumber that the lumber buyers have ever seen.
- Janis S

Wood-Mizer Customer Service

I had made an appointment for the service truck and that turned out to be my best experience with Wood-Mizer yet.  Two hours later all of the problems with the mill had been corrected, and he helped me learn the proper way to keep my mill aligned. Bob had a very professional and knowledgeable demeanor and was very friendly also. An employee like this man is a good find. Thanks for sending Bob to take care of my mill. He treated my mill like it was his own. Just another great reason to own a Wood-Mizer. 
- Russell W
Wood-Mizer is the best company I have ever done business with including customer service, over the phone, parts ordering, and maintence service. Thank you for trying a harder than the rest.
- Frankie C

About Wood-Mizer Blades

Loved the Wood-Mizer blades. Out-performed previous brand.
- Ken S
Just like day and night. Huge difference. I am going to throw away the old blades!
- Sandy A

Starting a Business

My brother and I would like to thank Wood-Mizer for enabling us to start a business together. You have shown us that the possibilities are endless!
- Lucas & Ben B
The literature that your company has available in regards to starting your own sawing business gave me the confidence to purchase your product and feel that I am educated enough to be able to start my own business with good, reliable informaton under my belt.
- Jeff K

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