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Integrity can be a quality hard to find nowadays. At Wood-Mizer, we’ve always known that you deserve a company that you can trust and who will sell its product because it works. You won’t find Wood-Mizer exaggerating to make a sale, we simply state the facts.

Rather, to demonstrate our commitment to our reputation of trust, we not only attend more than 200 shows annually, but also keep 20 North American locations open for business. These are places where you can come, touch our equipment, talk one-on-one with sawmill experts, and see that Wood-Mizer does truly walk the talk.


If we had anything to hide, we would not fearlessly participate, year after year, in the Great Portable Sawmill ShootOut, a sawmill competition held every-other year. Nothing is truer than running your equipment side-by-side with your competitors and letting the results speak for themselves. However, some companies choose not to submit their mills to the Shootout challenge but rather stay home. That’s not an option for Wood-Mizer’s dedication to old fashioned integrity.

See the Results

Compare What Really Matters

More straight lumber sawn than all competitors combined 
  Billions of documented board feet of quality lumber have been sawn by proud members of Wood-Mizer’s Million & 100,000 Board Foot clubs. And that’s just the ones we know about!
  What our owners had to say when asked about the Wood-Mizer design:

I went [with a] LT40HD Wood-Mizer
because off-bearing is just a lot less
stress on the body... Have not regretted the decision to date.

—Wes Huether, GH Wood Products
Ponoka, Alberta, Canada

“We currently own a 4 post mill, and two Wood-Mizers. I would take the design of the Wood-Mizer any day over the 4 poster. I think the Wood-Mizer is easier to align, easier to offbear, easier to edge on when you are working with long heavy stuff, and easier to change blades.”

—Steve, Kansas Hardwoods

“Saturday I was cutting 15” wide pine,
[and I] shaved off a piece about 1/8” thick just to show the guy how thin it could cut. Same size on both sides of the board, and 12’ long. And that’s on a 1984 Wood-Mizer LT30. How much more accurate can you get
with wood?”

—Richard Smith, Cyprus Creek North Carolina

The fastest sawmill setup time in the industry
  This fact was proven at the very first sawmill ShootOut competition, when Wood-Mizer was set up first and sawing in 40 seconds, finishing sawing in less than half the time and with a higher lumber recovery factor than our most outspoken competitor, who has not returned to the Shoot- Out since then. The ShootOut rules have been changed to level the playing field since Wood-Mizer’s design can’t be matched by twin rail mills that require painstaking setup.  


Saw logs four posters can’t
  Wood-Mizer’s open side of the sawing head makes sawing odd shaped logs, large knots, and curved logs possible: logs that four post mills just can’t fit between the posts!



Offbearing is the easiest in the industry
  Wood-Mizer’s trapezoid-shape bed allows for easy offbearing, blade changes, and maintenance. Your back deserves a sawmill designed for easy access.  


Towing a tank is expensive!
  Think of how much you’ll save in fuel efficiency towing a right-sized mill. Wood-Mizer’s efficient monorail bed and head design provide the best in-class weight-to-strength ratio, and doesn’t tack on unneeded steel.


Word of mouth is the best advertising
  • Call us to contact a Wood-Mizer owner near you.
• Visit forestryforum.com, an independent website where sawmill owners share their knowledge and experiences about Wood-Mizer sawmills and others.
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