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About Wood-Mizer Sawmills

Since 1982, Wood-Mizer has sold more than 60,000 sawmills around the world that have cut billions of board feet of lumber. This massive audience can praise the reliability and stability of the cantilever design and its ease of use and productivity.

To learn more about the quality and care put into every Wood-Mizer sawmill, watch the special "Making of a Wood-Mizer" video right now

Wood-Mizer is the only mill manufacturer that utilizes a cantilevered head on our mills. This design feature allows our cutting heads to travel the length of the log along a single, rugged track with accuracy that cannot be matched by twin rail systems which require a perfectly level environment. Click here to read what longtime Wood-Mizer owners say about the Wood-Mizer design.

The other primary advantage of our unique designs is that our mills maintain that high accuracy standard with far less overall mill weight. Our cantilevered design is nearly impossible to produce without a commitment to advanced engineering and the unique design is what granted Wood-Mizer a US patent.

The cantilever Grand Canyon Skywalk (right) - a glass walkway suspended 4,000' above the Grand Canyon. Our mills use the same engineering principle.

Since the cantilever sawmill head is always parallel to the bed, a rough level is all that’s needed, so you can be sawing before the competition can. No wasting valuable time trying to get the bed level. The cantilever and mono-rail design allows the mill to be set up and packed up in just a few minutes, making Wood-Mizer mills the most portable mills available.

The cantilever design eliminates the need for a second rail on the right side of the sawmill. Wood-Mizer has a trapezoid-shape bed that allows for easy off-bearing. Also, the open-ended, right side provides unobstructed access for odd shaped logs.

Operators and off-bearers benefit from this superior design with quick mill set up so they can churn out lumber without spending time re-shaping logs or working around a bulky bed.



When you shop for a new car, you expect the latest technology and the highest quality available for your investment. Shopping for a mill should be no different. When you compare a Wood-Mizer sawmill, you’ll find we incorporate the highest grade technology on the market, and when we make an advancement or an improvement to our mill models, we often times make that part available to be retrofitted to an older model.

Wood-Mizer employs the most, full-time, professional engineers in our industry. With many having more than 20 years of experience,  this team partners with the manufacturing staff to produce the best sawmill in the world and fulfill our promise to you – the promise of quality.

Wood-Mizer sawmills are known for cutting accurate lumber – thin as a dime if you like. Pinpoint accuracy is achieved even in the tiny details like the Outrigger hole locations. We have zero-tolerance for variances and inconsistencies so you can focus on what’s important: sawing accurate lumber.

Don’t take our word for it!  Check out these links to real sawyers discussing Wood-Mizer’s designs and quality.

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Here are a few things you may hear from other sawmill manufacturers. This guide will help you navigate some of the misinformation out there. 

Watch out for:

Blanket statements such as, "The cantilever head is wobbly." 
The truth is, that Wood-Mizer’s cantilever design has worked for over 60,000 portable and industrial customers for the last 30 years. If you have heard or read these claims about the Wood-Mizer design, click here to read what real Wood-Mizer owners say about this topic.

Marketing material and salesmen that continually criticize their competitors with false or misleading statements.Their claims are rarely the whole story. Check with the criticized company and their customers, who will set the record straight.

Video that has been sped up of sawmills and their operation. Companies can do this to avoid showing how inefficient a mill is.

- Not all 'portable' sawmills are as portable as Wood-Mizer mills.
Wood-Mizer sawmills, due to their monorail bed design, can be towed to a location and sawing in minutes in the same terrain that twin-rail sawmills would have to be painstakingly leveled, and supported by boards. It is true that twin-rail sawmills are transportable, but they are not portable in the way that Wood-Mizer mills invented portable!

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