How to Shop for a Sawmill

Buying a sawmill is an important decision. First and foremost, you should buy from a company that you believe in and respect. Next, look at the performance functions. A sawmill’s performance can be narrowed down to THREE key areas: power, operation, and log handling. We have highlighted these areas to help you in your decision making process. As you do your research, you will find there are different brands and different options, and understanding these areas will lead you to a mill that fits your needs. We believe it will lead you to Wood-Mizer.

To decide whether you need a gas, diesel, or electric power plant, determine your mill use. When you need portability, gas or diesel is your answer. Wood-Mizer offers the world’s best engines with a proven track record of performing in climates found in North America. For stationary applications, electric motor mills provide the best results. Compared to gas or diesel, they are less expensive to purchase, operate, and maintain. Electric mills are also quieter, cleaner, and have a longer life.


There are two main things to look for when you are determining the sawmill operation: Feed System and Operator Control Location.
  Feed System is how you move the sawmill head through the cut. Wood-Mizer models fall into one of three types: push, crank, or electronic. With the push feed system you easily move the head through the cut, keeping a steady pace. The crank feed system features a hand crank that you turn, allowing the head to travel smoothly down the track. The advanced electronic feed system uses an electronic motor to automatically power the head down the log.
Push Feed System   Crank Feed System   Electronic Motor Feed System 

  Operator Control Location is where you are positioned when you operate the sawmill. With Wood-Mizer, you have more choices and more freedom. You can choose which operator location you desire based on your mill selection. The basic manual mills are limited to pushing or cranking, but operator locations options are unprecedented with the larger Wood-Mizer mills. Just determine if you want to walk or ride and stay close to the cut, be able to move around wirelessly, or use an operator station that is movable or stationary.


Wireless   Walk Along   Movable Operator Station   Operator Seat
Log Handling

Manual Log Handling LT10-LT40
If you aren’t afraid of physical labor and have the time to put into handling logs, the Wood-Mizer manual mills are a practical choice. Logs can be turned by using a basic cant hook or the manual assist Log Deck Package (LDP) which allows you to load, turn, and level the log getting it in position for the next cut.
  Hydraulic Log Handling LT35 Hydraulic - LT70
Wood-Mizer’s hydraulic mills take charge when productivity and efficiencey are your top priority. With these mills, you not only get precise cuts but you also get the added ability to load, level, clamp, and turn the logs with ease. These functions keep the blade in the cut a greater percentage of time which will increase your overall productivity and profits
Features of Wood-Mizer Portable Sawmills
Although portable sawmills are relatively simple in overall design, there are many features and options that Wood-Mizer has developed over the years to help you saw lumber easier and faster. Learn more... 
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