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Welcome to our Resource Center. Here you will find everything you need to know about sawmills and sawing. Also you will find links to educational resources to further your knowledge. We have a great selection of Customer Stories for you to enjoy, and have a collection of videos made by Wood-Mizer owners. 

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    Wood-Mizer Contests
Browse our galleries of winners, & find out how to enter your project or business.

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  Customer Stories 
These aren't simply projects. These are dreams realized. And that's exactly what a Wood-Mizer sawmill is designed to help you achieve

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Read hundreds of articles about sawing and sawyers in our magazine back issues.

The Wood-Mizer Way

  Upcoming Events
See where Wood-Mizer will be in the upcoming months. 
  About Wood-Mizer
Building sawmills is what we do.  But who we are is much more.

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  Online Sawmill Business Directory
Find a local sawmill business to get your logs cut into quality lumber!
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