Portable Equipment

2011 ShootOut Results

    Wood-Mizer fearlessly participates in the Great Portable Sawmill ShootOut, a sawmill competition held every-other year. Nothing is truer than running your equipment side-by-side with your competitors and letting the results speak for themselves.

If you missed the show, Click Here to watch a recap of the two day event.


The LT15GO with an edger finished first in the manual sawmill competition, and beat the nearest competitor by 22 minutes.

Sawyer: Nick Burdine  •  Tailman: Jorge Cisneros  •  Log Scale: 351 BF
Sawing Time: 33 min. 34 sec  •  Board Feet per Hour: 717 BF
Net Yield: 401.4 BF  •  Under/Overrun: 50.4 BF



The LT35 with an edger proved that it could almost double Wood-Mizer’s new advertised rate of 500 BF/HR.

Sawyer: Nick Burdine  •  Tailman: Jorge Cisneros  •  Log Scale: 502 BF
Sawing Time:  39 min. 1 sec  •  Board Feet per Hour: 920 BF
Net Yield: 598.3 BF  •  Under/Overrun: 96.3 BF




The LT70 with an edger proved that it could keep up just fine with a mill 3,000 pounds heavier and $5,000 more expensive.

Sawyer: Dave Scott  •  Tailman: Barry Kline  •  Log Scale: 509 BF
Sawing Time: 28 min. 57 sec  •  Board Feet per Hour: 1,227 BF
Net Yield: 592.2 BF  •  Under/Overrun: 83.2 BF