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HR120 Horizontal Resaw
The HR120 Horizontal ReSaw is an affordable, entry-level resaw based on an innovative design that cuts extremely accurate lumber.
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The HR120 Horizontal ReSaw is an affordable, entry-level resaw based on an innovative design that cuts extremely accurate lumber. Different from most entry-level resaws, the HR120 has a large 16” width capacity and is powered by either gas, diesel, or electric power. This unit features all electrical drives, eliminating the need for hydraulics.
The HR120 is perfect for remanufacturing boards, cants, and reclaiming slabs into finished products, especially pallet boards. The heavy-duty bed easily tilts to cut at an angle, producing lap siding and moulding blanks, while the optional shingle belt makes it a breeze to produce perfect shake shingles. Simple to run and maintain, the HR120 will boost productivity for both sawyers and industrial operations.

Power Options  
18HP Gas HR120G18-1
25HP Gas HR120G25-1
10HP Elec 230V 1Ph HR120EA10-1
17HP Diesel HR120D17-1

Overall Dimensions  
Length 78"  
Width 72"  
Height  85"   
Weight  980 lbs.   
Length 158"  
Width 1.25" or 1.5"  
Profile Various  
Blade Wheel  
Diameter 19"  
Type Belted Cast Steel  

Feed System
Conveyor 12" Rubber belt  
Head height adjustment Electric Powered  
Feed rate (HR120) 0-60 fpm  
Feed rate (HR130) 0-90 fpm  

Material Min Max
Length 18" Unlimited 
Width 1" 16" 
Height .25" 12" 

Shingle Belt  HR120-SB 
Manual return system  HRTBL-KIT 
Auto return system  HRPBR 

8˚ tilting bed for siding

Optional shingle belt
Part # HR120-SB

Board Outfeed Table
Part # 016652

Auto Return System
Part # HRPBR

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