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LT35 Manual - Electronic Head Controls with Manual Log Handling
Combining full electronic head controls with manual log handling, the LT35 manual sawmill gives you many of the features of a high production Wood-Mizer sawmill, at a bargain price.

Powerful Sawing
  - Fully powered head control
  - Standard SimpleSet computer setworks calculates for your next cut and moves the head automatically into position!

The Wood-Mizer Difference
  - Hydraulic loading arms can be added.
  - The trapezoid shaped bed design makes blade changes and offbearing easier.
  - Odd shaped, knotty logs are easier to saw with the open sided sawing head.
Cool Features

Computer Setworks Controls
Optional Debarker
Manual log handling lowers your investment

Dimensions (With Trailer Package)
Length 26’-2” (8m)
Width 6’-6” (2m)
Height (max head position) 8'-5” (2.6m)
Weight (with heaviest power options) 3,081lbs (1,398kg)
Power Options
25 HP (18.5kW) Gasoline Standard
16.8 HP (12.68kW) Diesel Optional
Maximum Cutting Capacities
Log Lengths 21' (6.4m) and up to 45' (13m) w/ BX
Log Diameter 32” (81cm)
Production Rates up to 375 BF/HR
Operator Position Walk Along
Feed System 12V Electric - Power Feed
Computer Setworks SimpleSet Setworks
Head Up/Down 12V Electric
Log Loading Ramps (Optional Hydraulic Loading Arms)
Log Turner (Optional Manual or Hydraulic Log Turner)
Toeboards (Optional Manual)
Log Clamp Manual
Blade Engage Manual Lever
Blade Lubrication Manual On/Off Valve
Blade Tensioning Easy One-Action Cam
Blade Arm In/Out Manual Lever
Other Specs
Outriggers Quick-Set Adjustable Outriggers
Blades .045” (1.14mm) thick x 1.25” (32mm) wide
.042” (1mm) thick x 1.25” (32mm) wide
Warranty/Money Back Guarantee 5 yr Chassis, 2 yr Limited/30 Day
Sawmill Features Standard Optional  
SimpleSet Computerized Setworks -  
Adjustable Blade Guide Arm -  
Water Lube System -  
Quick-Set Adjustable Outriggers  
Trailer Package -  
4 Manual Adjustable Side Supports
Debarker -  
Hydraulic Loading Arm Kit -  
Log Deck Package -  
Fine-Adjustment Outriggers -  
Resaw Attachment -  
Shingle & Lapsider -  
Lathe-Mizer -  
Bed Extensions (6', 12', 24') -  

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