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LT15 Manual - The World Standard for Manual Stationary Sawmills
The LT15 is an overachiever in its class and has produced more than 2.5 times its published board foot per hour rate in several industry competitive events. The LT15 is a powerhouse that will take on any size project, dream, or lumber demand.

An Overachiever in its Class
  -  Simple, precise hand cranked head movement.
  -  Sawed at 504 BF/HR at a 2009 sawmill competition.
  -  Estimated 2-4 hours of assembly time (when shipped).

The Wood-Mizer Difference
  - Standard 17'8" log length cutting capacity.
  - Upgrade with two trailer package options and power feed.
  - Add product versatility with the Shingle/Lapsider, Resaw, LatheMizer attachments.
Cool Features

Add Power Feed
Add the MP100 Log Moulder/Planer
Add Bed Extensions

Estimated assembly time: 2-4 hours (when shipped)
Dimensions (With Trailer Package)
Length 20’-4” (6.2m)
Width 6’-3” (1.9m)
Height (max head position) 6’-3” (1.9m)
Weight (with heaviest power options) 1200 lbs (544kg)
Power Options
18 HP (13.4kW) Gasoline Standard
25 HP (18.5kW) Gasoline Optional
10 HP (7.5kW) Single or 3 phase Electric Optional
10 HP (7.5kW) Diesel Optional
16.8 HP (12.68kW) Diesel Optional
Maximum Cutting Capacities
Log Lengths 17’8” (5.4m) or No limit with extensions
Log Diameter 28” (71cm)
Production Rates up to 320 BF/HR
In-Competition Sawing Rates 504 BF/HR (2009)
Operator Position Walk Along
Feed System Hand Crank (Standard)
  Power Feed (Optional)
Head Up/Down Hand Crank - 1/16" increments
Log Loading Ramps (Optional)
Toeboards Wedge (Optional)
Log Clamp 2 Manual Clamps
Blade Engage Manual Lever
Blade Lubrication Manual On/Off Valve
Blade Tensioning Easy One-Action Cam
Blade Arm In/Out Manual lever
Other Specs
Blades .042” (1mm) thick x 1.25” (32mm) wide
Warranty/Money Back Guarantee 2 yr Limited/30 Day
Sawmill Features Standard Optional  
Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Rollers -  
6 Adjustable Side Supports -  
2 Log Clamps     -  
Adjustable Blade Guide Arm -  
Manual Water Lube System -  
Sawmill Bed Leveling Feet  
Lathe-Mizer -  
Shingle & Lapsider -  
Resaw Attachment -  
Load Assist Kit -  
Pro Package -  
Trailer Package - Two trailer packages available: Permanent or a towing-only trailer. 
Power Feed -  
Bed Extensions (6' 8")** -  

Comments About the LT15

LT15 owner Danny Hamsley has owned his mill since 2002. Watch the video to hear what he has to say about his mill.

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