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LT10 Manual - Simple and Sturdy entry-level Sawmill
The Wood-Mizer LT10 is an entry level mill, capable of producing big dreams for weekend sawyers who love the idea of cutting their own lumber while minimizing their investment.

Simple, Accurate Sawing
  -  Easily push the cutting head through the log to produce high quality lumber.
  -  Heavy-duty ball bearing rollers ensure smooth operation
  -  Zinc-coated rust resistant bed and log clamps

The Wood-Mizer Difference
  - Assembles in 2-4 hours.
  - Easy one-action cam blade tensioning.
  - 30 Day Money-back Guarantee, 2 year limited sawmill warranty.
Cool Features

Ships on a single pallet
Optional 10hp Engine
Add Bed Extensions

Specifications and Features
Estimated assembly time: 2-4 hours
Length 14'-4" (4.4m)
Width 5'-4 3/4" (1.6m)
Height (max head position) 5'-10 3/4" (1.8m)
Weight (with heaviest power options) 800 lbs (363kg) Ship Weight
Power Options
7HP (5.2kW) Gasoline Standard
10HP (7.5kW) Gasoline Optional
Maximum Cutting Capacities
Log Length 11' (3.3m) or No limit with extensions
Log Diameter 24" (61cm)
Production Rates up to 160 BF/HR
Operator Position Walk Along (Standard)
Feed System Manual Push
Head Up/Down Manual w/ air assist
Blade Engage Manual lever
Blade Tensioning Easy One-Action Cam
Blade Lubrication Manual On/Off valve
Other Specs
Blades .042" (1mm) thick x1.25" (32mm) wide
Warranty/Money Back Guarantee 2 yr Limited/30 Day

Sawmill Features Standard Optional  
Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Rollers  -  
4 Adjustable Drop in Side Supports    -  
Log Clamp    -  
Water Lube System    
Bed Extensions (7')** -  
Accessories - Optional attachments and tools designed to maximize the sawing experience

Bed Extensions
Bed Extensions
Part # LT10BS1<br>
7' (2m) Extensions
Part # LT10BS1
7' (2m) Extensions

Part # LT10BS1
7' (2m) Extensions

Cant Hooks
Cant Hooks
Part # Varies<br> 
Part # Varies

Part # Varies

Sawmill Covers
Sawmill Covers
Part #: Varies<br>Choose from head, engine, or console covers
Part #: Varies
Choose from head, engine, or console covers

Part #: Varies
Choose from head, engine, or console covers
Comments About the LT10

"We absolutely love our mill. My brother and I are now in our mid 60s, but the mill has revived the enthusiasm we had in our 30s for building new things and we are planning several projects."
Bob B

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