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Service Routes & Service Plans

Wood-Mizer offers reasonable rates and flexible service plans to owners of new and used sawmills. Our network of locations makes service calls even more convenient for the customer. (All terms and offers are subject to change without notice.)

Emergency Service - Emergency service is available when you need mill maintenance immediately. Charges for an emergency service are $1.75 per mile each way with labor charge of $85.00 per hour on site.

Service Loops - We perform Service Loops for normal maintenance during the year at your mill location. You can select service by the hour or choose from one of three service plans. These plans cover normal maintenance levels on you mill based on the number of hours that your mill has on it. In many cases, this is the most cost efficient way to service your mill.

We would like to invite you to take advantage of our comprehensive service plans and exceptional rates. Below you will see a map detailing our current service loop schedule. See below the map for Service Package prices.


2014 Service Route

View Service Loops in a larger map

2014 Service Loop Schedule

January   Florida and Georgia  February/March
  Mississippi and Alabama
April   North Carolina, South Carolina
  Northeastern US
August/September    Wisconsin, Michigan
  Texas and Louisianna
 Call 503.661.1939 to request service in this area. 


Sawmill Service Plans

Silver Service Plan
$370 (recommended for mills with less than 500 hours)
Blade Guide Rollers
Drive Belt Tension
Brake Adjustment
Power Feed Belt and Check Tension
Power Feed Chain Tension
Up/Down Belt and Check Tension
Up/Down Chain Tension
Alternator Belt Tension
Top Off Cylindrical Bearing with Fluid*
Chrome Tension Rods
Power Feed Chain
Track Oiler
Up/Down Chain
Blade Guide Arm
Blade Guide Arm Chain
Parts Required:
(1) new blade

Blade Tracking
Sawhead Tilt
Blade Guide Arm
Blade Guide Vertical Tilt
Blade Guide Horizontal Tilt
Blade Guide Flange Spacing
Align Side Supports
Blade Height Scale
Test Cut
Gold Service Plan
$470 (recommended for mills with 500-2000 hours)
*includes Silver Plan plus the following
Drum Switch and Lubricate
Cam Follower Bearings
Hydraulic Fluid Level
Engine Air Filter
Engine Fuel Filter
Hydraulic Hot Contact
(2) wheel belts
(2) blade guide rollers

Sawhead Slide Pad
Bed Rails
Blade Guide Deflection
Clamp Stop/Stop Bolt

Platinum Service Plan
$570 (recommended for mills with 2000+ hours)
*includes Gold Plan plus the following
Hydraulic Tensioner/
Add Fluid If Needed
Motor Mount Bushings
Gearbox Oil
Exchange Gallon of Hydraulic
Oil from Each Reservoir
Change Hydraulic Filter
(1-2) gallons hydraulic oil
(1) hydraulic filter

Motor brushes can be inspected at an hourly rate of $69.00 per hour.
* Drain and replace on mills with sight gauge if over 400 hours. 
**All prices in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice. Pricing not valid in Oregon or California. Call 503.661.1939 for pricing in these states.
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