Category 5: Interior Projects

Sawyer: Chris Becker
Location: Northampton, Pennsylvania
Equipment: LT40 Hydraulic

Project Dimensions: 13' X 15'
90-95% of lumber cut on the mill: 800+ BF
Estimated Savings: $5,000-$10,000 
Wood Species Used: Black & English Walnut, Cherry, Hard & Soft Maple, Hickory, Beech/Spalted Copper Beech, White Oak, Poplar, Spruce, Pine, Hemlock, Katsura

FIRST PLACE - 100-Year-Old Kitchen

What do you do when you want to remodel your 100-year-old kitchen but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on the lumber? You fire up your Wood-Mizer LT40 Hydraulic of course! And that is exactly what Chris Becker of Northampton, Pennsylvania did.

“My wife and I purchased an older home that had never really been updated. We immediately fell in love with the house when we first saw it while on a walk. When it went up for sale, we decided to buy it, and were blessed to own such a gorgeous structure. The house, which was built in the late 1800’s, rests on two acres bordering a creek and the historic 170-year-old restored Kriedersville Covered Bridge. The house was let go over the years. We knew it deserved special attention and care to make it beautiful once again and turn it into our home. We completely remodeled every single room. The largest of the interior projects was the kitchen, which took approximately eight months. We both love to cook and wanted a modern kitchen. However, we also wanted to keep the old and historic feel which emanates throughout the house with all original wood work and southern yellow pine floors still in place.”

The type of wood that Chris used for the flooring in the kitchen included black walnut, English walnut, cherry, hard maple, soft maple, hickory, spalted copper beech, and white oak. The upper cabinet boxes and shelves are made out of poplar. The faces of the cabinets and the drawers were quarter sawn copper beech. The framing lumber for the breakfast bar was spruce. Rough cut pine, spruce and hemlock were used in the framing and siding to modify a window and two doorways. The breakfast bar top was made from a live edge slab of catsura. The   moulding he used to hide the wires and the light enclosure boxes in the ceiling was made from black walnut.

After eight months of remodeling his kitchen, Chris reflected on the project, “An absolute JOY! Everything came together perfectly!" Chris not only used his LT40 to mill the lumber, but also to straighten the edges of the boards. He utilized his mill to flatten out the live edge slab he used for his breakfast bar before running it through a drum sander. Chris said, “Being able to trim a few boards at a time saved a lot of time and decreased the waste.” This was a key factor in allowing him to save $10,000 in lumber on his kitchen remodel.

“After three years of the love, sweat, and tears we poured into finishing the house, the final results truly took our breaths away! All the projects were complete and we were ready to move in. Just in time too! In the mix of remodeling the house, we were also planning a wedding. We were married at our home two months after we moved in!”








  Sawyer: Hank Carroll
Location: Bluffton, South Carolina
Equipment: LT40

Project Dimensions: 60" X 80" 
100% of lumber cut on the mill: 100 BF 
Estimated Savings: 40-50%
Wood Species Used: Figured Heart Pine

SECOND PLACE - Sweet Dreams

For most fathers, to have a daughter is to have a princess. From the moment she enters this world she can make it a brighter place with her kindness, sincerity and wisdom. The fathers who have these little wonders permanently affixed in their heart find that no request or dreamed up idea is impossible. In Bluffton, South Carolina, one princess counted on her father, Hank Carroll, for a truly amazing creation.

The queen sized, 4 poster, Rapunzel Castle Bed is one of a kind. As Hank told us, “I always wanted a nice bed for my daughter. I thought the castles and fairy tale theme would be perfect. The Rapunzel story about her hair coming down from the castle with the prince climbing worked well with the waviness in the wood carving.” Using reclaimed heart pine, and his LT40G28 mill, Hank made 60" x 80" bed in just over a year. Working by himself, Hank cut approximately 100 board feet on his mill. And just what was so helpful about the mill for such a project? As Hank shares, “[it was] Being able to custom cut a beam with heave figure to bring out the best grain pattern in the wood.”

He used a variety of construction methods to create this stunning bed. Traditional joinery, mortise and tenon, hand carving with some jigs and fixtures for some of the round corner posts were all utilized. The labor of love resulted in a savings of 40-50% and an astounding, unique creation for his princess to call her very own. Once the bed was completed, Hank was able to step back and reflect on such an undertaking. He muses, “[The bed is] one of my favorite completed furniture pieces. It was very satisfying to find a reclaimed figured heart pine beam and being able to cut it to maximize the figure’s impact in the finished piece.” 

Sometimes the oldest, most well known concepts can become the very best source of inspiration. Now Hank can rest easy knowing his daughter will have an enduring backdrop to her royal dreams. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel to breathe to life something new. For one man, all he had to do was tune in to his princess, dream up a goal and let the adoration of his daughter fuel him in his quest.






Sawyer: Bob Jones
Location: Emporium, Pennsylvania
Equipment: LT40

Project Description: Interior walls, ceiling and floors inside an 1,800 sq ft house
100% of lumber cut on the mill   
Estimated Savings: Thousands
Construction Methods Used: Board and baton

THIRD PLACE - 1800's Farmhouse Revival

Over the course of nine months, Bob remodeled an 1800's era farmhouse for his wife who thankfully submitted their project. "The house needed to be completely remodeled and my husband wanted to use his sawmill to enhance the house without using any sheet rock. When we ripped out all of the old plaster and lath, we found the original chestnut beams. They really enhanced the new woodwork." Bob's wife said "the accuracy of the cuts" on Bob's LT40 really helped the house look great. "The house was in total disrepair and it was an incredible feeling to bring it back to life."






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