Category 8: Unusual & Unique


Charles De Greek   •   Ceres, CA   •   LT40 Super  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $1,500 estimated saved

Charles built this shop bathroom and bar out of 1,000 board feet of deodar cedar, redwood, douglas fir and alder. "The Accuset2 is my favorite option, along with the debarker, the hydro's, and all the other goodies that our LT40 Super has!" After seeing the finished project, Charles said, "What a fun project and a great feeling."





Chris Becker   •   Northampton, PA   •   LT40 HD  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $100 estimated saved

Looking for a way to better serve craft beer at festivals, Chris built a redwood, white oak and catsura box cover for a microbrewery's serving cooler. Chris said that, "Being able to handle such a large log and whittle it down to a manageable size," was a helpful feature of his LT40 Hydraulic. "I am very proud of how it turned out! It is a great feeling knowing that we started with logs and transformed it into this beautiful piece!"




Donald Stephens   •   Salem, NJ   •   LT40  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $1,200 estimated saved

In order to utilize an empty outdoor area, Donald built an 8' X 8' X 12' wishing well that surrounds a 600 gallon capacity Koi pond. "I tell everyone, all it takes is imagination and a Wood-Mizer sawmill."





Donald Foster   •   Mansfield, GA   •   LT15  •   99% of lumber cut on mill   •   Cedar

"My wife is involved with a local horse rescue group GERL (Georgia Equine Rescue League). They were doing a silent auction fundraiser to benefit them, and I built this cedar saddle rack for her to submit. I cut slabs on a slant to base the legs on. I think that was the most unique part of using my LT15 sawmill for this project. It was meant to be functional, but turned out pretty enough for a trophy saddle display rack."




John Wallisky   •   Ervington, VA   •   LT28  •   99.9% of lumber cut on mill   •   Cedar, Black Walnut, Virginia Pine
John and his wife have been selling Christmas wreaths for 13 years at a community market in Virginia.  Seven years ago, they decided to add wood products to their shop. From oven squirrels, bird feeders, pens, baskets and napkin holders, John and his wife sell quality but inexpensive products so that "everyone can afford to have a little Christmas." "Thanks to Wood-Mizer for making this possible and allowing us to have the technology to make our own lumber from our land and be able to share a little piece of ourselves with others."




Leonard Volling   •   Rising Star, TX   •   LT35 HD  •   95% of lumber cut on mill   •   $75 estimated saved
Inspired by his love of family and woodworking, Leonard built this 16" X 14" X 12" wedding card chest out of mesquite and oak. John said the most helpful feature of his LT35 HD was the ability to "cut accurate lumber."




Robert Long   •   Tecumseh, ON   •   LT40 HD  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   Soft Maple, Linden

Robert teamed up with a local wood carver, Fred Zavadil, to build six carved wooden boxes to transport exclusive wines from Pelee Winery. Robert said, "The thin [Wood-Mizer] blades gave me more yield of lumber, especially uncommon species. Working with an artist like Fred brought out the best in me, and the finished project reflects this in the beautiful boxes we created. They truly are a work of art!" 





Steven Brown  •   Stafford, VA   •   LT28  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   White Oak

"I saw some antique block and tackles in a warehouse and I wanted to design one that was functional yet rustic looking." Steven hand carved the designs and company logo on the block and tackle and said the large cutting surface of the LT28 was very helpful during the project. "I was amazed by how it turned out!"




Steven Brown   •   Stafford, VA   •   LT28  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   45-50 hours to complete
Steven's second entry in this category is a fully functional 88" X 24" X 80" oak cheese press. Steven said "the rate of cut" was a great feature of his LT28. "I was surprised at how good it looked."




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