Category 5: Interior Projects


Duane Huinker  •   Bondurant, IA   •   LT35  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $600 estimated saved
Using mortise and tenon construction, Duane built a heavy and rustic looking dining set. The table, benches and chairs were all built from salvaged red cedar. "The dining set turned out great, and the people when they saw it, just loved it." Connect online:




Edward Seeley   •   West Valley, NY   •   LT28  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $500 estimated saved
"My wife wanted a cabinet for her jewelry. This is a traditional spice box built to my plan, I loved the look and built three of them. Two out of black cherry and one out of black walnut." Edward's spice cabinets are each 21" X 16"X 12" and are mostly constructed with dovetails.




Eternal Timber and Design   •   Kelowna, BC   •   LT70  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   Douglas Fir
Eternal Timber built this grand mantel out of douglas fir cut on their LT70. Connect online:




George Joudrey   •   New Germany, NS   •   LT40 HD  •   40% of lumber cut on mill   •   Spruce Fir, Pine, Red Oak
Inspired by a similar project that used a Lathe-Mizer, George built this single and double lounge log chair with a red oak back and seat, complete with a drink table. The two chairs were both completed in less than 10 hours!


Harry Lippert   •   Rockvale, TN   •   LT40  •   95% of lumber cut on mill   •   $500-$1,000 estimated saved
Our second place winner in Small Homes and Cabins, Harry, entered this bedroom furniture set made for his family's cabin in Alaska. In two weeks, Harry built two nightstands, a queen bed frame and a dresser all made out of white spruce. Harry said he is, "Very pleased with the finished product."




Jeff Ollis   •   Oliver Springs, TN   •   LT35  •   90% of lumber cut on mill   •   $1,500 estimated saved
"I wanted to give my grandson a gift he could pass on to his children." In just three months, Jeff built his grandson a Walnut crib with a matching changing table that will be passed on through generations. This baby crib converts into a full bed so that it can be used throughout the early steps of life. Upon seeing the completed project, Jeff said he was "very satisfied."




John Jennings   •   Cumming, GA   •   LT40 HD  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $250 estimated saved
John used his LT40 HD to create this sofa table out of 100% cherry. "I was proud that I could make this [table] from a tree all by hand. Making these projects and using my hands keeps me from growing old." The finished table is 53" X 15" X 28" and took two months to complete. 




John Jennings   •   Cumming, GA   •   LT40 HD  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $250 estimated saved
John's second entry is a kitchen island made from cherry and white oak cut on his LT40 Hydraulic. The island is 37" X 20" X 36" and was completed in two months.




John Jennings   •   Cumming, GA   •   LT40 HD  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $500 estimated saved
John built this hall tree storage bench out of 100% white oak for his third entry in this category. "It's amazing what you can build with good equipment."




Kevin Elmer   •   Lowell, VT   •   LT15  •   90% of lumber cut on mill   •   $75 estimated saved
After winning a "Sustainment Challenge" with his company in a support battalion for the U.S. Army, Kevin needed a place of honor to display the "Sustainment Challenge Pump" award. "This was my first product with wood I had milled myself on my LT15, and it felt good to know that I had done the whole thing from cutting the trees down to the last coat of stain. The Wood-Mizer is a great tool in its simplicity, and makes the learning process very enjoyable."
Kevin White   •   Reno, NV   •   LT15  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $300 estimated saved
Kevin used lumber from a California black oak tree that fell after a snow storm in order to build this 45" X 32" patio table. "The LT15 is large enough to cut fairly large boards and I'm able to make just the right cuts to get the right grain for each part. It's no problem to get beautiful quartersawn boards for even unexposed parts."




Leo Stoehr   •   Egg Harbor City, NJ   •   LT30  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $200 estimated saved
Leo built this 40" X 20" X 19" blanket chest out of 50 board feet of white pine. "It looks really nice. The hand-cut dovetails give the chest that antique heirloom look."




Mark Heideman   •   Twining, MI   •   LT70  •   50% of lumber cut on mill   •   $20,000 estimated saved
"I wanted to help my brother with his project and promote my Wood-Mizer abilities in a commercial application." Mark built this  2,500 square foot bar and grill out of 100% pine. "The finished project was unbelievable and looked great. I've never received so many compliments and now I get calls weekly asking for projects."




Mark Koehler   •   Middleburg Heights, OH   •   LT10  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $200 estimated saved
Mark used cherry and maple to build this 3' X 6' desktop for his son. "The fact that I could set up my LT10 in my backyard to take advantage of my windfall of available suburban development logs was a great feature of my LT10. I think I created something that will stay in the family a long time."



Michael Nortz  •   Croghan, NY   •   LT40 HD  •   75% of lumber cut on mill   •   $800 estimated saved
When a customer asked for a rustic looking kitchen like no one else had, Michael gave them exactly what they wanted. These unique kitchen cabinets were built from butternut lumber, yellow birch twigs and maple drawer pulls. "The straight, smooth cut of my LT40 HD was very helpful. I really liked the beauty of the grain and color of the wood along with the addition of the pine burls, yellow birch twigs and pine cones."




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