Category 5: Interior Projects


Alan Ward •   Louisville, KY   •   LT15 •   95% of lumber cut on mill   •   $385 estimated saved

"When I was married at my wife's parents' house, we took pictures under two large cherry trees, six months later those trees came down after three weeks of steady rain. Soon after, we also took down a walnut tree that was leaning against my father's house. This inspired me to purchase a Wood-Mizer. I knew that the wood would go into a special project that I would invest all of my talents into. Two and a half years later, we became pregnant with our first child and I set out to build his baby crib using the lumber from both parents' properties."





Andy Shilosky   •   Burlington, CT   •   LT40 HD •   98% of lumber cut on mill   •   $56,000 estimated saved

Andy and his family received a grant to improve their harvest/retail barn in order to enhance and expand their micro farm. "Our farm is about local [resources], building our local economy along with reducing, reusing and recycling and our Wood-Mizer allowed us to follow these principles." Andy's son, Eric, completed 98% of the project by cutting 5,000 board feet of cherry, black walnut, red oak, and white pine to finish the interior features of their barn. "It is such a feeling of accomplishment, pride and fulfillment knowing that we as family were able to turn our logs into lumber into something beautiful. Our Wood-Mizer helped to make our dreams come true."




Bill Fribley   •   New Castle, IN   •   LT20 •   99.99% of lumber cut on mill   •   Walnut

"When the Art Association of Henry County announced their upcoming Artistry in Wood exhibit, I wanted to select a piece of tree that would showcase character and beauty at the same time. I wanted to make something that looked as much like a piece of art as it did a piece of furniture." Bill did exactly that and built a live edge walnut table that was both beautiful and functional. "This table was cut from a portion that, without the versatility of the Wood-Mizer mill, would have become firewood."





Bruce Varda   •   Iron Mountain, MI   •   LT15  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $500 estimated saved

Bruce built a one of a kind bathroom vanity with a wooden sink made out of cedar and hemlock. "As an artist reaches for his brushes and canvas, I reach for my Wood-Mizer. I now have the ability to develop a cut list then simply go out and cut the lumber I need. No more gluing lumber yard lumber together to get what I want."




Chris Becker   •   Northampton, PA   •   LT40 HD   •   6 months to complete
After remodeling an 1800's house for over three years, our Interior Projects First Place winner, Chris, had one last project to complete before his family could move in. Using his LT40 Hydraulic, Chris finished the last piece of the puzzle and remodeled a 56-square-foot bathroom. "We wanted to design and create a bathroom that spoke to the natural beauty of the area." Chris was "relieved and excited" now that his family could move into their new house.




Corey Airington   •   Jefferson, SC   •   LT15  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $250 estimated saved
Corey used his LT15 to build a 72" X 40" X 30" farm house table out of 325 board feet of southern yellow heart pine. "I always loved farm house tables, so I figured I may as well try my hand at one." Corey said, "I was relieved that I had pulled off another great build with my Wood-Mizer." Connect online:




Corey Airington   •   Jefferson, SC   •   LT15  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $500 estimated saved

Corey's second entry in this category is a 50" X 50" X 9" fireplace mantel built by using frame and panel construction. "I love to design and build fireplace mantels from scratch, when I acquired these [antique heart pine] beams I knew just what I would make from them. I really enjoyed this build and the way my design came to life!" Connect online:





Derek Smith   •   Newport, PA   •   LT40 HD Super   •   75% of lumber cut on mill   •   $3,800 estimated saved

Derek used his LT40 Super Hydraulic in order to turn two existing rooms into one bedroom for his oldest daughter. Ash, walnut and pine were all used for the remodel of this room which includes a 24" wide walnut desk and live edge walnut for the window ledges. Derek said the narrow kerf, large log capacity and computer setworks of his Wood-Mizer were all very helpful in completing this project.




Derek Smith   •   Newport, PA   •   LT40 HD Super  •   90% of lumber cut on mill   •   $4,400 estimated saved
Derek's second entry in this category is a remodeled bedroom with a loft for his son. The bedroom features steps, an indoor hickory tree and a desk. "The feature that helped me the most is being able to cut any dimension, thickness, or length. With my Wood-Mizer, if I need something out of wood, I can make it."




Don Ferreira  •   Grass Valley, CA   •   LT25  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   Oak
With an oak filled pole barn, Don decided to build a Trestle style table for his dining room. He said the ability to "cut rough lumber" with his LT25 was a great feature to have during his four week table construction. "Every time I look or walk by this table I am amazed."




Donald Foster   •   Mansfield, GA   •   LT15  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   Eastern Cedar, Red Oak
Wanting something original to match the rustic decor of his home, Donald used his LT15 to build a cedar and red oak sofa table, coffee table and end tables for his living room. According to Donald, he is just getting started with his mill, but there will surely be many more great projects to come.




Donald Williams   •   South Addison, ME   •   LT10  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $10,000 estimated saved
Donald built interior tables, beams and a headboard for a newly constructed home. He said the "accurate height measure guide and 25 foot bed" of his LT10 helped greatly during the project. The new furniture was built using spruce, maple and scotch pine.




Doug & Genie McMullan   •   Deaver, WY   •   LT10  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $100 estimated saved
Doug and Genie's first entry in this category is a 2' X 3 1/2' bench made out of Russian olive or what Doug calls "western walnut". Genie said, "If we had our new home built, I would have asked Doug if we could keep this piece."




Doug & Genie McMullan   •   Deaver, WY   •   LT10  •   60% of lumber cut on mill   •   Pine, Russian Olive
As a gift of gratitude to a friend, Tyler, for helping out on their ranch, Doug and Genie used their LT10 to build him a 3 foot elk chair. "Being able to cut boards to length and for any thickness imaginable is awesome! We are satisfied and pleased that we could give back to someone who constantly gives to us."


Doug & Genie McMullan   •   Deaver, WY   •   LT10  •   90% of lumber cut on mill   •   $200 estimated saved
Needing another piece for their gallery, Doug and Genie built a coffee table with an old stage coach design wood burned into the table top. Genie said their favorite feature of the LT10 is "The ability to cut large and wide logs to make things at our own discretion. I am very satisfied with this piece!"




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