Category 2: Small Homes and Cabins


A.J. Corley   •   Odenville, AL   •   LT15   •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $4,000 estimated saved 

A.J. cut more than 5,000 board feet of pine on his LT15 to build this small cabin. “It makes me feel good knowing that we were able to salvage this material, from logs that were heading in the landfill, and turn them into something useful that will be enjoyed for many years to come.”




Charles De Greek   •   Ceres, CA   •   LT40 Super   •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $3,000 estimated saved 

“Our customers wanted a rustic look with the functionality of a modern building, and we were able to hit the nail on the head with this one. This cabin turned out totally awesome. Every piece of wood came off our LT40 Super from locally removed trees that were destined for a mulch pile."




Corey Airington   •   Jefferson, SC   •   LT15   •   95% of lumber cut on mill   •   $5,000 estimated saved 
After cutting 7,000 board feet on his LT15, Corey was able to complete the restoration of an old sharecropper's home. “It's a shame that so many of these structures are neglected. When I had the opportunity to save one, I jumped on it!"




Eternal Timber and Design   •   Kelowna, BC   •   LT70   •   100% of lumber cut on mill
Eternal Timber built this unique tree house by cutting 100% of the lumber needed on their LT70. "My girls needed a place to play while my wife and I worked on the renovation of our house."




Fred Beal   •   Helena, MT   •   LT15   •   95% of lumber cut on mill   •   $7,500 estimated saved
"I have always liked to build cabins, so I thought it would be fun to have a small rustic cabin on my property. I sawed joists, logs, rafters and roof decking all with the LT15. It was a great sense of accomplishment to see it completed."





James Wagandt   •   Ellicott City, MD   •   LT10   •   95% of lumber cut on mill

"A mining claim inside the Rio-Grande national forest had been in my family for generations and the inaccessibility of the location provided a challenge that interested me." Three years later, James completed his 22' X 32' cabin out of 7,200 board feet of douglas fir, ponderosa pine, and Colorado blue spruce. "This project would not have been possible without my Wood-Mizer, because I could not have hauled lumber to the site.”




Joe Cline   •   Mt. Holly, NC   •   LT10   •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $10,000 estimated saved

Joe used his LT10 to cut more than 4,000 board feet of oak and pine to build a cabin for his family. "After seeing a lot of old cabins during a trip to the mountains of Virginia, we wanted one of our own. It was a lot of hard work, but now we have a place for the family to stay and play."




Joe Harmon   •   Maryville, TN   •   LT15   •   95% of lumber cut on mill   •   $2,500 estimated saved

Using simple framing and board and batten construction, Joe built this 10' X 16' cabin from 1,500 board feet of yellow pine and red cedar in just two months. Joe found that, "Being able to cut accurate dimensions and very thin boards," was a helpful feature of his LT15. "I'm always amazed at seeing my projects go from raw logs to finished structures."




Justin Tureau   •   Bunkie, LA   •   LT40 HD   •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $20,000 estimated saved
"I had heard of the personal best contest and seen the unbelievable projects there, so being the son of a carpenter, I decided to build my own [project]. After it was all done I just wanted to show everyone!" Justin built his 16' X 24' cabin out of 5,000 board feet of Louisiana grown bald cypress. When asked about the most helpful feature of his LT40 HD, Justin said, "No doubt, the hydraulic system."




Marcus Granger   •   Marrianna, FL   •   LT40 Super   •   80% of lumber cut on mill   •   $32,000 estimated saved 

"In the '80s I started dreaming about a wood house after seeing one in a magazine. After seeing how beautiful and diversely each board being cut from a Wood-Mizer came out, I had to make this dream come true. I haven't had much that I can call mine in my life, but now I feel like I am lucky to have such a beautiful and unique wood home."





Charles Silfee  •   Analomink, PA   •   LT15   •   50% of lumber cut on mill

"[A timber frame room] was something I always wanted to build and challenge myself with. This was my first time building one." Charles built this 18' X 24' family room with a combination of eastern white pine and hemlock. When asked about the completion of his first timber frame success, Charles praised the ability of his LT15 to cut logs at 24' of length. 




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