Category 1: Homes and Major Structures


Houston Jones   •   Heflin, AL   •   LT40 HD   •   60% of lumber cut on mill   •   $15,000 estimated saved 
With a rapidly growing congregation, Houston used his 3rd Wood-Mizer mill and storm damaged trees to construct a larger building for his church. "The ability [of my LT40 HD] to repeatedly cut exact, nominal dimension lumber, enabled me to cut framing which would match lumber-yard quality."





Kenneth Goodman   •   Elkton, KY   •   LT40 •   99.9% of lumber cut on mill      

Kenneth cut more than 36,000 board feet of red oak, cedar, poplar and pine on his LT40 to build a 2,200-square-foot home for him and his wife. When seeing their finished home after three years of hard work, Kenneth was "totally amazed". 





Tim & Phyllis Twa   •   Golden, BC   •   LT40 HD   •   95% of lumber cut on mill   

Tim and Phyllis wanted to design and build a house themselves by using their own wood. After buying an LT40 HD, they were able to fulfill their dream. "Having never built anything before, never mind learning to operate a sawmill, it was beyond our belief that we actually had built ourselves a home."




Richard Dabe   •   Thorn Hill, TN   •   LT15   •   40% of exterior lumber cut on mill   •   $25,000 estimated saved 

"The LT15 exceeded every single expectation right from the start. Going from a CSM to the Wood-Mizer was like from bicycle to motorcycle. Without it, my house would never have been completed. Looking at it now, it is hard to believe that I accomplished this 95% by myself along with my tractor and LT15!"




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