Category 4: Small Barns & Toolsheds


  Sawyer: Bob Brothen
Location: Stillwater, MN
Equipment: LT10

Project Dimensions: 18' X 28’, 924 sq ft enclosed 
99% of lumber cut on the mill: 6,000+ BF
Estimated Savings:
$6,000+ on lumber
Wood Species Used: 
pine and poplar

GRAND CHAMPION - Bringing it Home from the 1800's

Many of us travel or see pictures of sights from around the world and wish to bring a little of it back. While it might not be feasible for some, this is precisely what Bob Brothen did. Nestled on a hillside on his hobby farm in Stillwater,
Minnesota is a picturesque, old-world styled barn.

After traveling abroad, Bob was inspired. “On a visit to my grandfather’s home in Norway I saw buildings constructed by my great grandfather in the 1880’s. The ability to saw lumber to build in that style inspired us to plan a building that would emulate his work.” With the use of his Wood-Mizer LT10, and some help from his brother and son, Bob created his 924 square foot barn over the course of one fall and two summers. The barn is now being put to good use housing seasonal items, equipment, tractors, and mowers used around the Northern Minnesota farm.

Bob was sure to stay true to his inspired design. “We used a type of timber frame construction, board and batten siding, extended floor joists, dormers, and wide board flooring similar to what my great grandfather might have done. The trim and color is old Norway inspired.”

Everyone who encounters the barn is moved - even Bob himself. “I felt that we produced something that will last not only because of the solid wood construction but because its unique character will be worth preserving. In a world where so much is manufactured and mass produced, a unique building using unique materials always seems to generate interest.”For this project, Bob, his son, and his brother, were able to cut 6,000 feet of boards and timbers in a little over 60 hours, spread over five weekends. Bob’s inspiration came to fruition with the help of his Wood-Mizer. “When we purchased the LT10 sawmill, we planned to saw only specialty lumber for small projects. We soon learned that our Wood-Mizer has the capability to go well beyond our initial expectations.”








  Sawyer: Brian Trembley
Location: Woodland, WA
Equipment: LT70 Hydraulic

Project Dimensions: 12’ X 18’, 386 sq ft 
95% of lumber cut on the mill: 5,000+ BF
Estimated Savings: $20,000+
Wood Species Used: 
Douglas fir, western red cedar, black & English walnut, pine, vined maple, myrtle, sequoia, wild cherry, burled maple

FIRST PLACE - The Family "Honey Hut"

If you find yourself traveling down a lush, green, wooded path in Woodland, Washington, you might stumble across Brian Trembley’s Honey Hut. For more than two years, and with the help of his family and Wood-Mizer LT70, a simple project grew and grew.

“Instead of a 10’x10’ shed on pier blocks, I ended up with a two story, 12’x18’ monster with concrete footing.” Brian and his family enjoy entertaining guests over dinner, and sometimes a card game or two.

One important feature of The Honey Hut is that it utilizes local species of wood, and everything had to be hand-carried through the woods to the
building site. All the siding came from one old growth Douglas fir log, and is almost knot free.

His family is proud of the work Brian has done. His daughter, Ember, shares her thoughts as well. “[My dad] has wonderful ideas for projects. I can’t believe that The Honey Hut is actually finished! For my dad to complete a project of this magnitude is amazing.”




Sawyer: Gilbert Simmons
Location: Commiskey, IN
Equipment: LT40 Hydraulic

85% of lumber cut on the mill: 4,000 BF
Estimated Savings: $3,000+
Wood Species Used: poplar

HONORABLE MENTION - A Lakeside Retreat

When Dallas and Patty Eggelston decided to put a recreational cabin on their lakeshore, they turned to Gilbert Simmons who had started his own recreational cabin business for extra income. Seven weeks later he had constructed a 360 square foot cabin using his LT40 Hydraulic mill. “The hydraulic log handling feature of my LT40HD is second to none. It saves wear and tear on your body.” The cabin features a comfortable living area, a loft, and a front porch. Gilbert also used an old Wood-Mizer 249 bandsaw to create the three curved braces at the entrance of this customized
cabin. “I really enjoyed building the cabin for Dallas and Patty, who were a joy to work for. They gave me an opportunity to express myself through some woodworking skills and my Wood-Mizer; I am very grateful.” Gilbert looks forward to the future and new projects on the horizon.








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