Category 3: Large Barns & Garages


Sawyer: Richard Schwab
Location: Solon, Iowa
Equipment: LT40 HD

Project Dimensions: 80’ X 120’, 8,200 sq ft
50% of lumber cut on the mill: 18,000 BF
Estimated Savings:
$90,000+ on lumber
Wood Species Used: 
White & red oak, black oak, eastern red cedar, black walnut, black cherry, white pine 

GRAND CHAMPION - Celebrating Barns

One of the most common responses from people when they see Richard Schwab’s double round barn is, “Wow!” Situated on 90 acres just southwest of Solon, Iowa, the “Celebration Barn” is the centerpiece of Richard’s property which also features a canopy of trees, a lovely pond, an open-air amphitheater, and a serene stone path. Richard and his wife, Katherine, purchased the property in 1984. That same year a tornado came through and downed some trees and left him with “some really nice logs” so he decided to haul them to a sawmill and use the lumber for building. “I built three rectangular barns,” explained Richard. His property took on even more character when he added a pond in 1988 and then his first round barn in 1989. Eventually, he bought an LT40 Hydraulic to turn other downed trees into useful lumber for projects.

Richard has been building barns for more than 20 years and the Celebration Barn “is the culmination and combination of my experience and the requests I have received to create functional beauty in the form of a barn.” The Celebration Barn is used to host wedding receptions, holiday parties, charity events, and other celebrations. It offers the comfort and conveniences of geothermal heating and air conditioning, 13 restrooms, a dance floor, caterer’s kitchen, large fireplace, and even two large 75 bulb chandeliers. It is 8,200 square feet, measures 80’ x 120’ on the inside and is 50 feet tall to the top of the cupola, and also boasts a large covered porch area. It is supported by 24 laminated beams which come together at the top center of
the barn at a steel thrust ring.

Once inside, you come face-to-face with the beauty of wood. From floor to ceiling, the inside features white, red and black oak, eastern red cedar, black walnut, and black cherry. He also used white pine for the framing and porch sheeting. A total of 18,000 board feet was sawn on his Wood-Mizer to complete the barn which Richard aptly describes as having “a majestic sense of
spaciousness and rustic elegance.”

For Richard, barns are a labor of love. “I love building them, even more finishing them, and even more using them with others who appreciate their beauty,” shared Richard. Richard spent ten months planning and six months building the Celebration Barn. To him, this project “honors the long and important history of barns in our country in a form that can be enjoyed in contemporary America.”




Sawyer: John & Wade Daboll
Location: Ridgeville, Ontario
Equipment: LT40 Hydraulic 

Project Dimensions: 40' X 60’, 2,900 sq ft 
95% of lumber cut on the mill: 30,000 BF
Estimated Savings: $50,000+
Wood Species Used: 
white pine

FIRST PLACE - Father & Son's Timber Frame Barn

For five generations, farming has been a part of the Daboll family heritage and a tradition that John Lochlin Daboll, age 74, continues
today. His family’s farming legacy started in the late 1700’s when his ancestors established their family homestead in the wooded rolling hills and fertile farmlands of Ridgeville, Ontario.

During the 80’s and 90’s, John and Barbara raised two sons and a daughter while farming 3,000 acres. In 1996, a tornado ripped right through their farm and uprooted 800 mature trees. “We hired a timber jack and by the time we were done, we had 3000 logs piled as high as the loader could stack them,” he said. “So we bought the (LT40) sawmill and we were initially just sawing and selling the lumber, but then we
started building too,” said John.

Together with his son, Wade, who is a timber framer and active partner, John uses his LT40 to saw wide plank flooring and materials to build timber frame structures. Their largest project is this 2,900 sq ft timber frame barn crafted out of 30,000 board feet of white pine. The project, built for a customer, measures 40’x60’, took 12 months to complete, and features post and beam construction with pine cladding and a metal roof.

With 95% of the project completed with wood from his Wood-Mizer, John believes his customer was “Pleased by the craftsmanship and appearance,” thanks to the mill’s reliability and the important role it played in saving his customer
approximately $50,000.




Sawyer: Ken Davidson
Location: Palmersville, TN
Equipment: LT40, Shingle/Lapsiding Attachment

80% of lumber cut on the mill
Estimated Savings: $30,000
Wood Species Used: pine & cypress

HONORABLE MENTION - Horse Barn is Property's Centerpiece

Jennifer Davidson wanted to honor her husband, Ken, by entering their horse barn into Wood-Mizer’s Personal Best contest. The barn, as described by Jennifer, is a “Wonderful and inviting place for our horses.” It also features a loft which provides a comfortable place for drinking coffee and visiting.

The picturesque barn was built from cypress and pine, harvested from their property in Tennessee. It is nestled among many mature trees and is surrounded by gardens. Jennifer considers it the centerpiece of their property.
To accomplish all this, Ken used his 2006 LT40 manual sawmill with upgraded log loading arms and the shingle/lap siding option. “We have saved untold thousands of dollars by utilizing our time to build our ‘place in the world,’” explains Jennifer.
Jennifer entered the Personal Best contest as a surprise to her husband who she said did most of the hard work and should get the recognition.