Category 2: Small Homes and Cabins


  Sawyer: Jeff Mahloch
Location: Campti, Louisiana
Equipment: LT25

Project Dimensions: 62’ X 36’, 1,320 sq ft enclosed 
100% of lumber cut on the mill: 25,000+ BF
Estimated Savings:
$100,000+ on lumber
Wood Species Used: 
White & Red Oak, Red Cedar, Cottonwood, Walnut, Pine, Cypress, & Honey Locust

GRAND CHAMPION - An Inspiration to All

With the right attitude and motivation, anyone can accomplish anything. Jeff Mahloch of Campti, Louisiana built his cabin at Black Lake, in spite of losing his arm in a motorcycle accident in 1979. “If anyone back then told me that one day I would build a cabin like this, I would have thought they were nuts. Many times during the project I felt that I was in over my head, but everything just seemed to work out perfect.” 

The 1,320 square foot cabin is built on a picturesque hill overlooking the lake. The inside is all solid wood Jeff milled with his Wood-Mizer LT25. His custom design utilizes nine different species of wood. Jeff is very proud of the fact that none of his lumber came from a store, and that he did not even have to cut trees down to get it. He explains, “All of the timber just seemed to be there where I needed it. I cut dead timber and blown down trees in the area.”

Jeff had a range of help in constructing his labor of love over the six to seven years it took to build. “My mill from day one was a demonstration mill and many Wood-Mizer mill owners in this area first saw my mill work.” Other Wood-Mizer owners assisted in the project, as well as Jeff’s wife and children. Jeff even had assistance from an older gentleman who, sadly, did not live long enough to see the completed project. Everyone who is able to see the cabin is inspired and so proud of the amazing work Jeff has done.

“Everyone that sees it just loves it. The main reason that I’m entering it in this contest is because of their
urging. So many that have seen it come back with others to show them.” The cabin on the hill overlooking Black Lake is a testament to the human spirit and the power of determination. The project has given Jeff such an amazing sense of fulfillment. “After completing a project like this, all you can do is stand back and praise the good Lord. Sometimes he uses people that are disabled to accomplish things just to bring Him glory. All I can say is thank you,
Wood-Mizer, for making dreams come true.”








  Sawyer: Paul Herndon
Location: Sagle, Idaho
Equipment: LT40 Hydraulic,
DoubleHard Blades

Project Dimensions: 36’ X 36’, 1,500 sq ft 
80% of lumber cut on the mill: 15,000+ BF
Estimated Savings: $35,000
Wood Species Used: 
quaking aspen, lodgepole & ponderosa pine,western hemlock,
paper birch, western larch, grand fir, & white pine

FIRST PLACE - A Passion for Wood

Some choose to look for what they want - others simply create it. When inspiration hit Paul Herndon of Sagle, Idaho, he decided to create the home he wanted. However, when the project first began, he did not even own a mill.

“We had a major windstorm that took down some sizable trees and I wanted to use them in our upcoming house. I decided I wanted to produce all my own interior wood, cabinetry, and everything else.” Being an accountant by trade, Paul crunched the numbers, and realized a Wood-Mizer LT40 Hydraulic was the best option. With the help of his wife, Paul completed a custom 1,500 square foot home. Paul has a great sense of pride in his work. “Owning a Wood-Mizer gave me a great opportunity to build my own home with the beautiful wood that grows on the property... We were very grateful to have had the opportunity to build it. By opportunity, we mean we had the tools and resources, including time, to produce such an amazing thing as a family home.” 

Since completing his home, Paul has had the opportunity to take on other projects. “I’ve since done several animal outbuildings, and now am planning a large timber frame shop to commence next year. I would never get rid of my Wood-Mizer. A man who lives in Idaho with forest all around couldn’t possibly live without one.”








Sawyer: Wayne Dasher
Location: Glennville, Georgia
Equipment: LT40 Hydraulic, Shingle/Lapsiding Attachment

99% of lumber cut on the mill: 20,000 BF
Estimated Savings: $15,000
Wood Species Used: yellow & heart pine, cypress, pecan, hickory, yellow poplar, white ash, cherry, red oak, & eastern red cedar


Wayne Dasher of Glennville, Georgia is an integral member of his community. He has been a banker for 38 years, is a member and past president of the local chamber of commerce, a member of Rotary Club, and an active member of Baptist Church in Glennville. He was appointed to serve on the Georgia Department of Corrections and co-hosts one of the largest law enforcement appreciation cookouts in the state - an event held at his cabin built with his Wood-Mizer LT40 and shingle/lapsiding attachment. This beautiful cabin is 32’ x 32’ and includes a dining room, family room, a full kitchen, bedroom, two full baths, two loft bedrooms and features a 20 foot vaulted ceiling. Wayne has enjoyed woodworking for more than 30 years and has completed a wide range of projects. However, he feels that building this cabin with lumber he cut and dried is one of the most fulfilling projects he has ever taken on. “This was such a fun project and my Wood-Mizer sawmill made it all possible!””




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