Category 6: Exterior Projects


Dee Merryman   •   Centralia, WA   •   LT40  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $2,500 estimated saved

Dee used his LT40 and the shingle/lapsider attachment to completely reside his home, tool shed, and garage. The original siding was from the 1930s, and he says that the house now looks brand new!

Danny Gravitt   •   Dacula, GA   •   LT40HD  •   100% of lumber cut on mill 

Danny says, “My wife loves to swing on the porch. So I built her a swinging bed so she could sleep on the porch. [It is] basically a swing with a back and arms, but the seat is the size of a twin mattress.”
Jeremy Tucker   •   Columbus, NE   •   LT40 Super  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $1,000 estimated saved

A mason by trade, Jeremy spends the winter months sawing 1x2 construction stakes. This last winter he also used his mill to saw the wood for his own cedar strip canoe.  He says that the Accuset Setworks on his mill “Helped me to cut all the ¼ in strips accurately enough to save a lot of sanding.”

Larry Dee Church   •   Beavercreek, OR   •   LT15  •   100% of lumber cut on mill

Larry used his LT15 to build this large picnic table that seats 12. The log had a natural twist with a hollow center which just allowed for just enough boards large enough for the table and benches. A tree that normally would be considered waste creates an opportunity! Connect online:
Andrew Cole   •   Sointula, Britist Columbia   •   LT25  •   80% of lumber cut on mill   •   $10,000 estimated saved
Deck and covered porch add-on. “My wife wanted me to build her a new deck. We also wanted to add some ‘depth’ to our home. I was happy with how it turned out and I am excited to be able to use it during the nice weather.”
Russell Tuckel   •   Lawrence, KS   •   LT40 Super  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $8,000 estimated saved
Russell used his LT40 Super to saw all the lumber needed for his cabin remodel and the new covered porches. He says,
“I started by planning a small deck addition to the cabin, and then realized with the usefulness of the Wood-Mizer mill, I could build a roofed proch with very little extra effort.”
Randy Grogan   •   Cedartown, GA   •   LT40HD  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $900 estimated saved

Randy says this cedar well house was “[An] ingenious idea to hide the [100’] water hose. [It is] extremely convenient, the reel is attached to the door and swings out to make unreeling and put-away easy!”

Rhys Bampton   •   Lumby, British Columbia   •   LT40HD  •   50% of lumber cut on mill   •   $250 estimated saved

Rhys built this unique staircase for a customer.

Burgess Butler   •   White Bluff, TN   •   LT40  •   100% of lumber cut on mill   •   $5,000 estimated saved
Burgess built this outdoor gazebo from reclaimed material. It is a place that they enjoy with friends and family outside.
Evart Barton   •   Blue Hill, NE   •   LT40  •   90% of lumber cut on mill   •   $4,800 estimated saved
Mr. Barton built this multilevel deck and gazebo for his son’s house. He says that everyone really enjoys the design and increased functionality the new deck brings to the home.
Guido DeVisser   •   Sundre, Alberta   •   LT40HD  •   50% of lumber cut on mill   •   $150 estimated saved
Guido built this custom picnic table for repeat customers who wanted a unique picnic table for their cabin. He says the table is “One of a kind! Very sturdy and well built. Antique tractor seats give the table a very attractive look.”
Dan Watts   •   Cross Plains, WI   •   LT40HD  •   95% of lumber cut on mill   •   $3,500 estimated saved
Dan was hired to build a natural playground for a preschool, using black locust trees. He says, “It was really cool watching the kids enjoy my hard work and creativity. Without my Wood-Mizer I would have not got this job. There would be no way to afford all the lumber needed.”
Raymond Sedorchuk   •   PA   •   LT30  •   100% of lumber cut on mill
Since buying his Wood-Mizer, Raymond says he hasn’t bought a single board, and has built many projects, including this sturdy maple front steps to his new log home.
David Watters   •   Zionsville, IN   •   LT15  •   30% of lumber cut on mill
David Watters, a timber framer, uses his LT15 to saw large beams and logs for his construction company. He volunteered his company’s time to build this commemorative 100th Year Anniversary Boy Scout log bridge. His comment was, “Wow, that was a BIG log bridge! The boy scouts have been very grateful.” Connect online:
David Barfield   •   TX   •   LT30  •   100% of lumber cut on mill 
David is a log home builder in Texas who uses his LT30 to do all the roughsawn logs and wood for customers. This gazebo was a design he had come up with years ago and he finally got his chance to build it for a customer recently. Connect online:
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