2011 Personal Best Contest

Entries for the 2011 Personal Best Contest are now being judged. Entrants should expect to be notified by the end of the month of the results. 

If you have used our online entry form, but never received a confirmation email, please call Jacob Mooney at 317.808.0818 to confirm that your entry was received.

Personal Best Entry Form

Contact Information
Name:  Customer #:
City:   State/Province:   Zip/Postal Code:
Phone (day):  (  ) -     Phone (evening): (  )  -
Mill Model:
What type of blade do you use? 
Please Select the category you are entering

Project Overview
1. General Project Description
2. Project's finished dimensions 
3. total square feet (if applicable) 
4. Describe your feelings upon seeing the project completed
Overall Use of Wood-Mizer
5. Total bd. ft. cut on your Wood-Mizer to complete project: 
6. percentage of project completed with lumber cut on your mill:
7. How much money do you estimate you saved by using your Wood-Mizer:
8. List Wood species used in project. Include Type of species, Quantity (bd. ft.), and how it was used.
9. Where did you get the idea for the design?
10. What inspired you to complete this project?
11. how long did the project take?  
12. Were others involved ?
(please explain)  
13. Please Briefly describe the construction methods used:
14. Did you use other Wood-Mizer Equipment? 
(please explain)  
15. Describe how others have responded or commented on your project:
Additional Comments:
You can Mail photos to us or you can submit them here


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