Northern Log and Timber - 1st Place, Category 2


Equipment: 2 LT40 Hydraulic mills, 1 LT40 Super Hydraulic mill
Kelowna, British Columbia
Established in 1952
Connect Online:
Employees: 6

Celebrating 60 years in business, Northern Log and Timber is family operated and offers a diversity of services and products locally and around the world. Founded in 1952 as a lumber supplier to the northern Yukon and Alaska by John Morgan Sr., the company relocated to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia in 1972. John’s children currently run day-to-day operations: John Morgan Jr. is a builder and runs the sawmills, and Julie Morgan works up designs for clients and handles sales. A cousin, Brent Morgan is a newer addition to the sawing team, with a background in construction. Several other crew members help with sawing and the building.

 Julie Morgan attributes the company’s diverse offering of products and services to be crucial to their success over the years. “The economy downturn has not affected us. Because we have a wide variety of products, and a large variation in our customer base, we have continued to grow.” Locally, they supply four building supply stores, contractors, and landscapers with lumber as well as design and build log homes onsite with their own profiled timbers. Since the 1980’s, they have exported lumber to Asia, Europe, and South America and also built log homes, barns, schools for clients from Japan to Mexico.

“The Wood-Mizer mills have allowed us to expand our product line. We produce the standard dimensional lumber and have been able to fill the demand for large timbers up to 24”X24”. The mills are the backbone of our business. Without the mills, we wouldn’t have survived in this economy.”

“We cut machine log homes packages. The logs are 6”X8” and 6”X10” timbers dried and profiled. We produce beams, joists, 2”X6” decking, 5/4 decking, posts, 2”X6” T&G decking, flooring, trim, v-joint, timber trusses, bevel siding, and custom siding.”

Due to the volume of orders, the majority of their business comes through the orders from the building supply stores. However, Julie adds, “The most satisfying customers are the ones you help to accomplish their dreams. My father always said that it was great to build the high-end, impressive projects, but the most satisfying was the look on a customer’s face when their home was completed – the simple home for the working man.”

“Owning your own business can be trying, but our guys love working with wood and being able to unload a full logging truck, saw the logs into products, and see the end product. It’s nice when you can drive through town and say to yourself, ‘That looks great, we did that!’”

According to John Morgan Jr., head sawyer, “The support system at Wood-Mizer is the best. [It’s] the best mill on the market. Downtime is minimal and usually short, it produces the volume needed. This success translates into higher wages and profits.”

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