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HR1000 – Complete Resawing Capabilities - Up to 7 Boards at Once
This machine easily integrates into existing systems and has a small footprint so you can maximize your space. Choose from one to six heads on this high-end resaw with potential to produce up to seven boards at once.
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Choose from one to six heads on this high-end resaw with potential to produce up to seven boards at once. This machine easily integrates into existing systems and has a small footprint so you can maximize your space. The powered hold-down rollers ensure tight tolerances for the most precise requirements. An optional board return system can be added to automate the entire process of breaking down larger cants.

• Productive—saws up to seven boards in one pass using thin-kerf technology
• Tough—tackles any species from frozen to kiln dried
• Accurate—Steel track conveyor keeps cuts accurate

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25HP (18.5kW) per head, Elec. 460V/60Hz
length 205" (5.2m)  
width 1-1.5" (25mm-38mm)  
Blade Wheel    
diameter 34" (863mm)  
type Belted Cast Steel  
Feed System    
conveyor steel, 7.5" (190mm)  
feed rate 0-100f/min (0-33m/min)  
Cutting Capacity    
max length Unlimited  
max length w/ MGR  8' (2.4m)  
min length 28" (710mm)  
max material ht. 12" (300mm)  
max head ht. 12" (300mm)  
min cut ht. 1/4" (6mm)  
max material width 12" (300mm)  
max material width w/ MGR 8" (200mm)  
min width 1" (250mm)  
Dimensions & Requirements     
length 1 & 2 head - 13' 10" (4.2m)
3 & 4 head - 18' (5.5m)
5 & 6 head - 23' 2" (7.1m)
length w/ MGR 1 & 2 head - 31' 7" (9.6m)
3 & 4 head - 36' 3" (11.1m)
5 & 6 head - 40' 11" (12.5m)
width (1-6 heads) 9' 1" (2.8m)  
width w/ MGR (1-6 heads) 10' 3" (3.1m)  
height (doors open, 1-6 heads) 9' 8" (2.9m)  
table height (1-6 heads) 36" (910mm)  
shop air supply 80-125 psi@5cfm  
required amps per head 1 head  - 40Amp 
2 heads - 75Amp
3 heads - 105Amp
4 heads - 135Amp
5 heads - 170Amp
6 heads - 200Amp
Weight (1 Head) 3030lbs. (1377kg)  
Weight (2 Head) 3880lbs. (1764kg)  
Weight (3 Head)  4950lbs. (2114kg)   
Weight (4 Head)  5800lbs. (2637kg)   
Weight (5 Head)  6870lbs. (3123kg)   
Weight (6 Head)  9440lbs. (4281kg)   
Hydraulic System
motor 4HP (3kW) 380/460V 1725RPM 50/60Hz TEFC
pump 4GPM (15LPM)  

• Integral blade lube system results in reduced sap build-up, longer blade life, and more accurate cutting.
• Standard 25 HP motors have the power to cut any species.
• Hydraulic-powered top feed rollers for consistent material feed.
• The head height adjustment is convenient and fast with the removable handles.
• Ready to “plug in” – complete with all starters, fuses, overload protection. Equipped with a lock-out/tag-out disconnect. 
• The feed speed can easily be adjusted by the flow valve.
• 6” dust collector ports can be turned up or down.
• A “gate” keeps oversized pieces from causing material flow problems.

Centralized hydraulic blade strain system saves time by tensioning all heads from a single location. Integrated with system pressure sensor, it automatically shuts the machine off if a blade breaks and protects equipment 
and operators.

Secondary control panel on off-bearing end includes E-stop and feed lockout.

Electrically interlocked perimeter fence and other safety features surpass industry standards.

A highly visible, easy-to-read scale aids in precise blade height adjustment.

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