Industrial Equipment

Making Money with Thin-Kerf

Redefining an industry through innovation

Making it in this competitive, ever-changing industry requires having an edge. Wood-Mizer’s innovative approach to the design and capabilities of our industrial machines will give you that edge. Many of our customers were initially unaware of all that our machines could provide, but circumstances forced them to reconsider ways to remain profitable, reduce costs, and expand their markets. They looked to Wood-Mizer’s industrial line for solutions, and were not disappointed. 

Wood-Mizer employs a unique approach to timber processing: put a narrow-band, thin-kerf blade through the log. This is a forward thinking approach in an industry that usually assumes bigger is better.

A narrow-band, thin-kerf blade:
• Produces less waste and more product
• Takes less energy to saw
• Is inexpensive to replace and maintain
• The machinery that surrounds the blade is more compact and less expensive without
sacrificing quality, stability, or productivity.

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