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WM3500 – A Powerful Thin-Kerf Headrig
Unleash the wide range of production capabilities for which the WM3500 is built. Use it as a principal standalone headrig or as an integrated breakdown saw in a large production operation for sawing high grade logs.
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With 10HP hydraulic pump for fast log handling and advanced PLC setworks controls, this machine breaks down logs into cants and boards with accuracy and speed. Be a part of the thin-kerf revolution with the WM3500 at a fraction of the cost, space requirements, and maintenance costs of traditional equipment.

Production Capabilities
• Lumber - Grade, Dimensional, Flooring, Reclaimed, Pallet
• Cants/Beams - Pallet stock, truck mats, railroad ties, timber frame, post, fencing

The WM3500 is ideal to:
• Launch a startup sawmill operation.
• Add to a circle mill operation to get the most profit out of high-grade and irregular logs.
• Add to a thin kerf operation to boost productivity with a smaller initial investment.
• Add to a WM3000 operation to more than double production capabilities.
• Replace an expanding portable sawmill operation to meet increasing production requirements.

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Power Options  

30 HP (22 kW) Electric 460V/60Hz 3 Phase 100Amp

length 196" (4.98m)  

1.5"-1.75" (38-44mm)

Blade Wheel  
diameter 25" (635m)  
type Belted Cast Steel
Feed Sytem  
head speed (forward) 170ft/min (51m/min)
head speed (reverse) 300ft/min (91m/min)
Cutting Capacity


21' 6" (6.5m)
length (with board removal) 20' 3" (6.17m)
diameter 40" (1m)
max. clamp width (from stop block) 26" (660mm)
min. clamp width (from stop block) 2" (50mm)  
max width of cut (guide to guide) 34" (860mm)  
max cant width (outer guide to stop block) 31" (790mm)  
max cutting depth @ 24" (61cm) wide 5" (130mm)  
throat height (blade to head) 13" (330mm)  
Dimensions & Requirements
length (bed only) 28' (8.5m)  
length (with cab) 35' 7" (10.85m)  
width (machine only) 9' 10" (3m)   
width (with cable boom) 16' - 20' (4.87m - 6.1m)
height (head only) 9'6"-10'3" (2.9m - 3.1m)
height (with cable boom) 11' 2" (3.4m)  
bed height 30" - 38" (760mm - 970mm) Adj.   
weight 8,000 lbs (3,630 kg) 
shop air supply 110 psi @ 16.5cfm
normal power usage 36kVa, 43kWh, 66Amp
suggested wire size 50' (15.24m) max, 4AWG
dust collection port 6" (150mm)  
Hydraulic System  
hydraulic output 9 GPM (34 LPM)  
motor 10 HP (7.45kW)  

Standard Features
• PLC Computer Setworks
• Joystick sawmill controls
• Comfortable operator station
• Pantograph cable configuration
• Two bidirectional chain turner
• Dual speed hydraulics
• 40" log maximum diameter
• Heavy duty log clamp
• Laser sight
• 3 side supports
• High performance blade guides
• Hydraulic rollers
• Pressurized lubrication system
• Airstrain blade tension
• Precision ball screw head up/down
• Material dragback
• 8" bed height adjustment

The new WM3500/3000 Pantograph replaces the traditional cat-track (cable carrier) system by running the cables overhead rather than along the bed. The NEW Pantograph is a money saving upgrade that eliminates maintenance costs involved with the cat-track.

The invaluable setworks come standard with each WM3500. The computerized controls of the WM3500 equal or exceed the functions of those in larger mills whose setworks alone can cost more than the entire WM3500! These full functioned controls give the operator several options to open and break down a log. They also allow straight grade cutting, patterns, or multi-sized cants or ties. 

The WM3500 blade guides incorporate integrated blade lubrication ports, flanged heat-treated rollers with high speed bearings, and double block guides. The flanged roller eliminates the need of a backer bearing, reducing maintenance time and replacement parts costs. 

The WM3500 operator stand is intended to be
positioned at the end of the mill with the head sawing towards the operator. The operator seat is located so that the angle provides a clear, unobstructed line of sight. Ergonomic joysticks designed to reduce repetitive motion injuries are mounted at the end of each arm rest. The logical fuctional layout decreases the time and cost of operator training. 

A third hydraulic side support is standard on the WM3500 (optional on WM3000) for sawing short (6’-8’) logs such as walnut or other high value hardwoods.

The WM3500 comes standard with Wood-Mizer’s belted wheels, the same design proven on over 50,000 cutting heads already in the field.


A cab with a lockable door is an option to enclose the operator’s station, providing added levels of safety, sound isolation, and protection from the environment. Studies show that increased climate control results in increased operator performance.

Log loading arms can be added to the WM3500 to lift logs from the floor or from a dead log deck, or onto the machine with a live deck but no tipple.

A heating/air conditioning unit can be added to the cab for further climate control. The heater is rated at 5600 BTU’s and the air conditioner is rated at 7000 BTU’s

Solid steel wheels are available as an option on the WM3500.

Extend blade life with a debarker unit which cleans the log before each cut, preventing blades from running into anything that can damage them.

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at these responses from WM3500 owners.

Jordan Baize, B&K Wood Products
"Our new WM3500 is the shining star of our production equipment. We have been totally pleased with our ownership of Wood-Mizer products. Saying we are pleased with Wood-Mizer products is an unjust understatement." 

Eddie Wood, comparing the WM3500 with the WM3000
"The faster hydraulics, faster computer, two log turners vs. one, multiple cant size options are just a few of the highlights. This mill is light years ahead of the LT300, but still operates the same. The learning curve from one machine to the other was about one day, and that was just to become accustomed with the faster hydraulics. They are lightning fast!" 

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