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WM1000 – The Mill for Massive Logs
The Wood-Mizer WM1000 is designed to saw large logs up to 67” in diameter. This thin-kerf headrig provides a much higher yield and in a lot less time than traditional large log sawing methods.
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The Wood-Mizer WM1000 is designed to saw large logs including hardwood, softwood, and tropical species. Durable and easy to use, this mill features a saw head with a massive throat opening that moves along a twin-rail frame. The WM1000 breaks down large logs with a capacity center cut of 67" (1.7 m) and uses thin-kerf narrow band blades that measure 2" to 3" wide and provide more material recovery. The oversize blade wheels reduce stress on the blade and the long blade length gives longer cutting time between sharpenings. 

With the WM1000, logs can be sawed into half, quarters, or cut into manageable cants for resawing. The operator safely controls all cutting functions while standing on a platform that moves with the head and includes computerized setworks. Built to last and run effortlessly in industrial applications, it easily integrates into existing operations with low installation costs.  

The WM1000 is ideal to:
• Saw large, high value slabs, burls and crotches
• Break down large logs for further processing
• Large beams

Power Options

50 HP (37.3 kW) Electric 460V/60Hz 3 Phase
30 HP (22 kW) Electric 460V/60Hz 3 Phase

length 386" (9.83m)

2” (50mm) or 3” (75 mm).

Blade Wheel
diameter 42" (1.07m)
type Crowned Steel
Head Drive  
power feed 1.5 HP (1.1 kW)  Electric 
head up/down 1 HP (0.75 kW)  Electric
blade guide motors 2x 1/3 HP (0.25 kW) Electric
Cutting Capacity

min. log diameter

12" (300 mm)
max log diameter  67" (1.7 m)
max log length Unlimited (based on rail length)
min. width of cut 8" (200 mm)
max width of cut  67" (1.7 m) 
min. cut height  4" (100 mm)
max cut height 67" (1.7 m)
throat height (blade to head) 39" (990mm)

Standard Features
• Ride-along operator’s station
• Setworks
• High-performance blade guides
• Hydraulic blade tension system
• Two-side blade lubrication
• 42” steel blade wheels

Ride Along Operator's Station

Control Panel with Setworks

Blade Guide System

Blade Tensioner

Blade Lubrication

42" Blade Wheels

Responses we've received from owners of the WM1000.

Art B, Goby Walnut and Western Hardwoods
"We recently cut a 15’, 48” diameter walnut log and were amazed to find that the thickness of the slabs didn’t vary by more than 1/32” over the whole 15’. Our finish on the slabs is much better than [our previous] mill and we yield an extra slab on every log. Another consideration is time…it takes about 5 minutes to complete a cut on a large slab... The WM1000 is quiet enough to hold a conversation while cutting and is rock solid. We also plan to use the WM1000 for a large re-saw and for parting out logs to be cut on our smaller sawmill." 

Jim Evans, FarWest Forest Products
"The WM1000 is what all of us cutting big logs, one piece doors, wide counter tops, crotches, and burls have been waiting for.  This will save our backs, man hours, and valuable lumber –  I am truly amazed at how true it cuts with very little waste."  

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