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EG400 – Extreme Edging Required
The EG400 Board edger is a rugged board edger that is at home in commercial sawing operations that require a fast, accurate heavy-duty board edger, capable of edging 36" wide by 4" high material.
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It is equipped with an automatic variable speed feed that is set by the thickness of the piece being edged. The 30 HP is powerful enough to rip through thick hardwoods, but not big enough to break your energy budget. Two 16" inserted carbide teeth blades are mounted on a splined shaft and move in and out from center, allowing the use of an optional board tailer. 

Two lasers are included as standard equipment on the EG400, and it is equipped with anti-kickback protection and other safety features including a perimeter e-stop cable and electrically interlocked safety covers. The standard infeed table is available with optional rip fences.

Jordan Baize, B&K Wood Products
"Our Wood-Mizer E430 Edger stands at the center of our production equipment. Over 12 million board foot of lumber was edged through our Wood-Mizer edger in 2010 with very minimum down time. We recommend Wood-Mizer products to potential buyers all the time.”

30HP (22kW) Elec 460V/60Hz 3Ph 100Amp
Blade System
diameter 16" (41cm)
bore 3.5" (88mm)
teeth 14 (Inserted)
kerf .28" (7.14mm)
blade RPM (No Load) 1,391 RPM
Feed System
minimum feed speed (4" material) 101ft/min (30m/min)
maximum feed speed (1" material)  176ft/min (54m/min) 
feed motor horsepower  2HP 
Cutting Capacity
maximum feed width 36" (900mm)
maximum board width cut 28" (700mm)
minimum board width cut 3" (76mm)
maximum board thickness 4" (100mm)
minimum board thickness 1" (25mm)
minimum board length 42" (1.1m)
Dimensions & Requirements
length 12' 5" (3.8m)
width 5'3" (1.6m)
height 6'10" (2.1m)
infeed table height 2'4" - 3' (700mm - 900mm)
infeed table length 8' (2.4m)
weight 3,750lbs (1,705Kg)

• 2” LED Digital readout available as a part of the setworks or a stand-alone option
• 30 HP motor is powerful enough to cut tough material, but energy efficient to reduce operating costs.
• Up to eight inches of height adjustment to integrate into existing work flow systems.
• Perimeter E-stop cable is in addition to E-stop on control panel and is accessible from three sides.
• Includes heavy duty chain-drive system for long life and low maintenance.

Easy blade access – both 16” insert blades move in and out from center on a splined shaft.

A board reverse function stops the edger blades, disengages the kick back fingers, and reverses the feed rollers to clear misfed or jammed boards.

Anti-kick back fingers are standard.

Two included standard lasers help to determine correct board position, increasing yield and grade


Remote Control

This allows the E430 to be controlled without the operator being within reach of the control panel. Especially useful when cutting varying lengths of lumber, the operator can set the blades by use of a remote control. This allows them to position the board and send it through without wasting time moving to the control station.

2” Digital LED Readout

This readout is visible from 100’ away. It indicates blade position within 1/16”


The E430 setworks include both the digital readout and the remote options. It features 6 programmable sets. When a button on the control panel or the remote is pressed the blades move to the programmed position. The six buttons are customizable to fit your needs. This is a “must have” when sawing dimensional lumber.

Board Trailer

Available with optional heavy-duty board trailer

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