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Ohio Valley Veneer

For six years, Ed Robbins struggled to make his high grade lumber mill profitable. Finally he turned to Wood-Mizer industrial thin-kerf headrigs. His employees thought he was crazy... Watch the video to find out what happened!

Ed's business, Ohio Valley Veneer, is only one of many businesses in the wood producing industry that have found renewed success and profitability with Wood-Mizer's thin-kerf solutions. Check out these other case studies below.


B&K Wood Products, Kentucky

“Four generations for fifty-five years” is just the beginning in describing B & K Wood Products, the winner of Wood-Mizer’s 2010 Business Best Contest. Their business has grown from humble beginnings in Kentucky to producing over 80,000 board feet per day and surviving a recession. B&K attributes much of their success to their front-end production equipment including three thin-kerf headrigs and an edger from Wood-Mizer’s industrial line. Read more.

Jennings County Pallet, Indiana

"We saw AWMV’s thin kerf sawmill technology and believed it represented a revolution in our industry.  Looking ahead to the future of our business, we thought the technology might be the key to controlling costs without sacrificing quality. Installed in our plant, it has proven to be all that and more.” Read more.

Upgrading from a Portable Sawmill - Tiny Timbers, Indiana

“The LT300 [now the WM3000] is our 5th Wood-Mizer purchase. Along with the Wood-Mizer (industrial) edger and  customized feed conveyor systems, the LT300 allows our workforce to double our production over the (Super Hydraulic) it replaced.” Read more.

Goby Walnut & Western Hardwoods, Oregon

Meet Art Blumenkron. This forward-thinking, eco-minded owner of Goby Walnut & Western Hardwoods has recently installed an oversized thin-kerf sawmill to maximize profits for his business and minimize his impact on the environment. “The WM1000 is great for any kind of sawmill business that deals with large logs, whether it be parting logs so they can be milled or sawing large slabs. It’s a lot of machine for the money!" Read more.

Westbury Lumber, New York

“With $250 in my pocket, I set out and rented my first Wood-Mizer. I was so impressed with the quality of lumber I could produce; I decided to buy my own Wood-Mizer sawmill.” With his sights on a larger operation, Jason constructed a new plant in 2003 and purchased an LT300 industrial sawmill from Wood-Mizer Products, along with the company’s three-way tables and an E430 edger. Read more.
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