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New York Branch

Dave Scott - Branch Manager

8604 State Route 104
Hannibal, NY 13074
Tel: 315.564.5722
Fax: 315.564.7160

Wood-Mizer New York: Warm service approach even through cold winters

Wood-Mizer's Hannibal, New York branch began back in 1988. At that time, Branch Manager Dave Scott had built a successful wood-processing operation with a succession of three Wood-Mizer sawmills and two Vacu-Kilns. In October 1988, Dave attended a customer seminar in Indianapolis and learned the company was quite serious about opening a Northeast branch. He interviewed with various key people, and went back to New York on the Wood-Mizer payroll!

By the following April, the new branch's activity had already outgrown Dave's existing facility, so 7,400 square feet was added. Several years later, ReSharp came to town, requiring another 1,500 square feet. 

Dave's got his hands full with the branch, and his homestead. He has eight children, homeschooled by Dave's wife, Linda. The family is active at Victory Bible Church in Central Square, and they all enjoy outdoor activities together. Every branch has its unique challenges, and in New York, one is the weather. Summer is a short and precious commodity and everyone scurries to make the most of it. Nearby Syracuse is listed as one of the most-snowed-on cities in the U.S. 

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