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Florida Pro Sawyer Dealer

Pro Sawyer Dealer Chad Cordwin (left) with Wood-Mizer
National Sales Manager Dave Mann.

Chad Cordwin - Pro Sawyer Dealer

Street Address :
7900 West HWY 316
Reddick, FL 32686
Tel: 352.591.3642

A Wood-Mizer owner for nearly two decades, Chad Cordwin has become the company’s first Pro Sawyer Dealer. Chad became a member of Wood-Mizer’s elite group of approved sawyers, the Pro Sawyer Network, which enabled him to list his business on Wood-Mizer’s online custom sawyer directory – a resource for those looking for a sawyer to saw their own lumber.

During the application process, Cordwin Custom Sawmill’s success made Wood-Mizer take notice. This, along with an appealing Florida location, enabled Wood-Mizer to begin a partnership with Cordwin Custom Sawmill and establish the first ever Pro Sawyer Dealer.

Cordwin Custom Sawmill will primarily serve as a sales and demonstration location for the LT10 and LT15 series sawmills. The Florida Pro Sawyer Dealer will also carry some of the most popular replacement parts and blades and provide light service support. Most warranty and service work will continue to be referred to the closest Wood-Mizer branch or ASC for assistance.