Set both sides of your blades manually.
Set both sides of your blade at the same time easily with the manual BMT200, which will help you extend your blade’s sharp life and get the most accurate cut of lumber.
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One turn of the crank sets two teeth and moves the blade forward at the same time. The BMT200 handles 1”-3” blades, can set from ½” to 1 ¼” tooth spacing, and can finely adjust tooth space indexing.

Start setting your own blades consistently and quickly with the BMT200.


 - Each revolution of the handle moves the blade forward, and sets two teeth      
 - Adjustable blade setting assemblies for various set amounts
 - Precise pushers for fine tuning set
 - Adjustable tooth space indexing
 - Blade height adjustment knobs for 1”-3” wide bands
 - Blade support arm come with extensions for various blade lengths
 - Able to set from 1/2” up to 1 1/4” tooth spacing
 - Extends Blade life      
 - Simple to use
 - Saves you time and money

Tooth Set Gauge


Automatic Controls


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