Simple and Consistent Tooth Setting. 
Maintaining consistent tooth set on your blades is possible with the economical BMT100. Operated by a hand crank, the BMT100 is a simple setter that sets all teeth consistently.
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The BMT100 is designed for simple operation. Just manually advance the blade and set one side at a time. Once one side of the blade is done, invert the blade and set the alternating teeth. The dial indicator precisely measures set in each tooth to ensure your blades are symmetrical and set to perform consistently.

Adjustable blade rests allow you to handle 1”-2” blades, and indexing pawls support various blade profiles. The set point can be adjusted if required. Included with the setter is a Tooth Set Bend-back tool, and a stand is optional.

For the individual who has low volume but who needs to ensure consistent set, the BMT100 is a great way to get started.

 - Inexpensive      
 - Easy to operate
 - Precise set reading

Tooth Set Gauge


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