Blade Testimonials

Let some of Wood-Mizer's 50,000 customers share their opinions and experiences with you.

Perfect! We never have any trouble from WoodMizer blades and will continue to use them.
- Astral Plane Woodworks
Super Good!. 600 to 700 feet per blade with debarker in ash, soft maple, white & red oak. This is the right blade. This blade makes more money by saving changing time. 
- Atwood Lumber & Logging
In the change of a blade, it's magic. It's unbelieveable. What an amazing device. Thank God for small favors and Wood-Mizer.
- Barry Massin
Wood-Mizer outperforms other blades we have used. Better than others we've tried.
- Bear Creek Inc
Wood-Mizer are the best I have ever used!
- Blizzards Sawmill
Excellent blades! Faster sawing. 30-40% more sawing before sharpening.
- Boone's Custom Sawing
Wood-Mizer blades perform very very well -- better than anyone else's. Re-Sharp program is superb. I can't say enough good stuff about your bands or saw sharpening service.
- Eino Jarvenpaa
We have tried half a dozen different blades over the years and have always returned to the ones produced by Wood-Mizer. They are readily available, every blade is consistent, they last longer and can be sharpened more times.
- Jeff Crass
They cut well and stand-up well between sharpenings and run straight.
- C J Cervens Const.
Excellent - Used on white pine and sawed through knots with no weave!
- Chester Dodge
I saw about 1000 board foot of oak per blade.
- Clifford Hale
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